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Debut Album

Check out our new album Weaponized on Bandcamp: https://intervoid.bandcamp.com/album/weaponized Available to download for free


Hello everyone, start your day off right with a new Intervoid track hot off the presses! I urge all of you to listen to this and get PUMPED for our debut album. We've put alot of our blood, sweat and tears into this and this may be our biggest project yet for any of us. This full length 10 track LP will be released on Dec 5th so mark those calenders! https://soundcloud.com/intervoid/weaponized

Lineup Changes

So I think it's time we update the fans on a lineup change.

We regret to announce that founding member Matt Snyder has part ways with Intervoid to pursue a very valuable opportunity with Erasing Never as their full time bassist. This is a great prospect for him, and we're all happy to see Matt make his way to the top. We wish him all the luck in the world.

But this also means we welcome our new bassist, Jacob Marxen! he's proficient, talented, and will be blasting brown notes live before you know it. Look forward to new music and shows very soon.

The Xenolith EP

So here's a little treat. Friday, May 24th the "Xenolith" Digital EP drops for free. You can pay if you want, but that's not a requirement. Though it does help and it's a great incentive for us to do bigger and better things.

Check out the Intervoid Bandcamp page on Friday by clicking here: http://intervoid.bandcamp.com/ Hopefully by the time you get to it, the EP will be live and ready to download.

We Make The Babby

We had a great time taking pictures in the forest. We saw a Sasquatch nest. Then we watched 6 year olds throw those sharp garbage sticks at each other like javelins while their parents watched.

Big leagues.

Fartpunch the Tonguebox

Well we're slowly finalizing the EP, deciding on a release date, working on limited edition album artwork, bonus tracks, all kinds of goodies. And we've decided to take up smoking coffee grounds.