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Can I Count on You?

Grace and Peace, So honored and excited about moving to Round 2 of the Prayze Factor People's Choice Awards. Thanks so much for your votes in Round 1. Let's make it to the Finals! Go on the website and click the"VOTE HERE " link. Search for me, CATRINA REESE and view my video! http://www.prayzefactorawards.com In order for me to get credit, you must VIEW the whole video, comment and share! IT'S THAT SIMPLE! 😃 VOTING ENDS AUGUST 13! So view everyday if you want and PLEASE SHARE! With you and God on my side, I CAN'T LOSE! Love you and Kingdom Blessings! 

Thanks for your votes TODAY!!!!

Click the link and make your vote count!!! http://www.mostpowerfulvoices.org/artists/catrina-gospeljazztress-reese

My New Radio Blogtalk Show!



I have been selected!!! READ AND VOTE! Dear JoyFest Artist Talent Competition Entrant, Here is a quick update on the JoyFest – Carowinds talent competition. We ran into a glitch with the public voting. The Sonicbids website cannot host the voting like they did last year. We are moving the voting portion of it to our JoyFest website today. (www.joyfest.org) All the artists who have entered the competition will be listed on the JoyFest website by 5 p.m. today (April 4, 2013), and there will be links to each of your Electronic Press Kits that you submitted on Sonicbids. So, people can listen to your music, etc. and then cast their votes from the Joyfest.org website. Voting should still begin today by 5 p.m. and continue through Thursday, April 11th at 5 p.m. People will be able to vote once a day. Please tell all your friends and fans where to vote - www.joyfest.org Can you help spread the word? Thank you for your understanding with this change in the process. Melody Hennessee Marketing Assistant with Premier Festivals/Premier Productions melody@premierproductions.com

Great place to share your music!


Mackie Magazine MAY ISSUE

I'm too excited! I'll be featured in the May issue of Mackie Magazine! I will keep you updated! See their Jan issue www.dreaminoutloudent.com/mackie!


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Help me by viewing me!

Hello Everyone, I have entered the TV One/Are You Unsung Contest and I need your views. See link below and view me singing "Amazing Grace". If you can't find me..select from drop down song "Amazing Grace" and you will see me in the blue shirt. http://tvone.tv/areyouunsung Thanks so much and God bless you! Kingdom Blessings!