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Coventry Carol

This video of Coventry Carol is from an iPhone recorded at a piano recital (you can view it here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkNlZRKRPt0sYh12D75RP41h3xIp9aSNJ), the sound quality is abysmal, and you don't have to listen too carefully to hear mistakes on the part of the cellist - I'm a little embarrassed to post this. But, as I think about it, I am glad it is out here.

There are a few reasons I wanted to post this video. 1) I want a record of me playing with one of my darling daughters (Alyssa Felzien). All of my kids are musicians, and I have recently been able to start playing with the two pianists in the family. That makes me very happy! I am looking very forward to doing more of these if my kids will let me. 2) I am glad to actually be able to see myself play - in all of the years I have played the cello, I have never been recorded on video. I had been told that I am fun to watch, that I really get into the music, that people enjoy watching me play - now, I can see where that comes from. I definitely don't hold still. 3) I'm tired of hiding behind what I feel I should look like - I am what I am, I need to start accepting that and not let my ideals stand in the way of opportunities to record my life - there are precious few pictures of me around; I want to change that.

At any rate, I hope to record the piece professionally sometime soon, and when I can, perhaps, I'll have a real video done. That would be pretty darned cool. In the meantime, you never know what may be in store. This sad little iPhone video will remain until something better can be done.

Michael Mercy

My twin brother, Michael Mercy, passed away on May 13, 2015. He was a beautiful soul, a wonderful person, and an amazing brother. He will be sorely missed by very many. His memorial service made it clear that one of his great gifts was to be a special friend to almost anyone that he knew. There were over 250 people in attendance at his service, and it was clear that the overwhelming theme of his memorial was his ability to be able to accept a person for who they were, to be able to generate a connection with that person, and to make his friend want to be a better person just by knowing my brother. He was the most amazing friend!

I felt strongly that Mike wanted to have Ben played at his memorial, and after hearing what people had to say about my brother, I realized that this song about friendship was perfectly fitting to represent the life my brother lived here on earth. In my mind, the melody represents Mike's friends and family, and the harmony line is Mike himself. The harmony makes this very simple song something pretty special - and that is how Mike was in his relationships; he made everything he touched pretty darned special.

His time was too fleeting, but I am happy to have had the almost 50 years with him that I did, and I am so proud to be his sister - I'll love him always.

Silent Night

I know, I know... Silent Night is a Christmas tune. This one came out a little late; and I was asked to share it. Really, though, this Christmas tunes are so good - it is a shame they only come out once a year. Hope you enjoy!

New Song (O Sacred Head)

Just got a new song (O Sacred Head) - my production guys at CRUX are incredible. They add a little magic, a lot of sparkle, and a ton of creativity. Thanks for all of your help, you two (Jeff Morgan and Jon Goranson) - you are AWESOME!


So Happy for RN

I have recently had to go back to work, and I have found RN to be a great resource. I work in a pretty loud environment with boisterous conversations going on around me all of the time. As much as I enjoy the workplace, sometimes I need to escape to a quiet zone in order to be creative and to be able to focus on the programming work that I do. RN provides that outlet - I love being able to place the incredible music here on RN on my playlists and have hours of the BEST music available sans commercials. It is the best of all worlds. Thanks to all of the exceptional artists here and thanks to RN for making this a possibility.

Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens  (almost 6 years ago)

Funny thing about that Leanne ... i do the same thing at the cafe during the day when i am back in the kitchen. sometimes i get rid of that nasty old commercial radio and do the reverb thing with the help as well.

Leanne Felzien
Leanne Felzien  (almost 6 years ago)

It really is incredibly nice to have RN out there - the music is so varied and wonderful! Good luck on your showcase today - can hardly wait!

How to Respond to Spiritual Crisis

Do you know someone having a crisis of some kind (spiritual, physical, whatever) and want to help them, but don't know how...? Here is what you might consider saying (as long as you truly mean it):

"I understand that you are having some trouble, please know that I love you now as I always have. Know that my love for you is not predicated upon some view that is different from mine or something t hat I don't understand and may even fear. Know that I am here to support you and please tell what I can do to help."

Seems pretty easy, don't you think?

The worst possible thing you can do? Harangue them over what they are doing wrong (in your opinion), turn away, or cut yourself and your family off from the person or family having trouble.

Your reaction to a crisis of this nature says much more about YOURSELF than about the person having the crisis.


One of things that I have gained an appreciation of here on ReverbNation is the level of support that is freely and lovingly given. That encouragement is so important when one is publishing musical art in a location such as this. Psyches can be fragile, and harsh criticism could crush a blossoming artist. I have never seen an unkind word on RN; just an outpouring of support from kindred souls. I have found some great friends out here and look forward to meeting many more.

Getting Started

Well, here is one of the scariest things ever - putting recorded music out here for everyone to hear. I hope that you all like what I am trying to accomplish; it may be pretty unique.

What I have done is take hymns that my family and I have sung at church and used my cello to play the different sung parts. The cello plays all four of the vocal parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) and all of these parts are stacked on top of each other. My producers at CRUX Artist Development suggested interesting things to do with the pieces ranging from added percussion, vocal adds, and additional instruments. I have been very pleased with the results...

Recording has been a tremendous experience for me and a lot of fun, too! I hope that you enjoy this spiritual offering. Thanks for stopping by.

Leanne Felzien

Jessi McKinnon
Jessi McKinnon  (over 5 years ago)

Very glad you chose to share your music! It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you! :)