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Hi and it has been a long time since I last posted on here - lots has been happening and I think at long last I have hit a very creative streak.

Quite a lot of new songs have been appearing and there is some interest being shown in my material.

A collaboration with some old music friends is producing an eagerly awaited new song featuring some of my lyrics. Very excited and can't wait to hear the studio version.

Thanks for taking a look and hope to speak again really soon

Whyte Raven xx

Eyes Wander

Several months ago I was asked to collaborate with an up and coming lyricist called RuthyB who had written a song. I worked on the lyrics with her and then wrote the music You will find the demo of the track in the play list area of the page. Thanks

RuthyB TheLyricist
RuthyB TheLyricist  (almost 4 years ago)

I am so glad to be collaborating with you, thank you for your kind comments.

Field of Clover

Well it is finally done the demo and video of the new track "Field of Clover" is complete. This track features the voice of Raven Moonshadow in a transatlantic collaboration with Whyte Raven - we both hope you enjoy this new song

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Thanks to everyone for their continued support


Album Progress

The demo of the next track for Something Like Folk - Dust is now posted on Reverbnation

New Track listed

Hi again, the meditational album Healing Steps has been a long time in the making but now it is almost complete I have decided to post a small sample of the music from one track with a video of some faraway places to accompany it. I hope that you enjoy listening to "Faraway Places"

I Am A Woman tracks

Hi again - I have just added two tracks from an album that Jo-Anne and I started in about 2002/3 and the whole idea behind the album was that it explored various different aspects of being a woman. Sadly the album did not make it to the final mix stages and was shelved when Jo-Anne emigrated to a warmer country. I rediscovered the tracks while revamping the studio and decided that Long Lonely Time and I Am A Woman could be put on here to give a flavour of what we were attempting to achieve. Hope you enjoy them.

Peace, Love and Light to all

Whyte Raven

Funny Old Kind Of Life - The Blue Kats

Have just added the tracks (single and complete album) from the above EP which were written by Phil Styles and which included yours truly playing keyboards and doing backing vocals - ENJOY

Peace, Love and Light to all - Whyte Raven

Something Like Folk

The basic recordings are well under way for this new album and I am working towards a release date sometime towards end November.

There are some tracks that I want to put on the album but only time will tell if they get a place on there.

People have asked me why the album came about and why it is called Something Like Folk

The answer is very simple it is a back to my roots piece that takes me back to my school days, days when we used to entertain the residents of Cotebrook Residential Nursing Home with our schoolboy renditions of classic folk songs, beatles tunes and some original music.

I have been questioned about the validity of including some of my music in the chosen category of "Folk" music, but folk music is by defintion a type of music that includes fusion genres such as folk rock, electric folk, and others.

It is "music of the people" at its basic level so I feel quite comfortable in selecting that as being the most appropriate category for my material.

Finally I would like to say that I really appreciate that so many people have chosen to follow me and take me up the charts,.

I will be opening the tracks up to purchase very soon, just need to get the catalogue up to 20 and then that will happen.

Thanks have a great day and Love Peace and Light to you all

Whyte Raven