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As of February 1st we are going to start post-production for our EP album. The album well have 6 to 8 songs on it that we have been working on over the past couple of years. Itll show the style, sound, the creativity that we have to offer. We'll post small teaser to show what we have done along the way. We are planning on having it done by the end of April. Thank you for all the support. -Dan

Jatts to be replaced!!!

So earlier in the year before everything thats happened, We were in the midst of finishing up another song to be released. That song as you know has a teaser that most people have heard. We will be removing that teaser shortly and replacing it with another song as we decided to go back and work on jatts a little more. The new song titled "Wasted" is what will be replacing the current teaser but it will be the full fledged song as opposed to another teaser. Wasted is a heavier song with darker lyrics and to be honest isn't that pretty to listen to. It is definatly a different feeling than anything we've done before and to be honest I would be surprised if it made it on the album. Its more of a concept song so to speak. Anyways, stay tuned for more info. I am in the process of moving so it probably wont be released until early in the new year. Until then, -Matt

New Teaser in the works!!...To be released soon!!!.

as we approach another completed song I thought it would be appropriate to present to you with another teaser for one of our new songs. More information will follow shortly, but be prepared for new material soon. -Matt

Recommended Dose Release!!!!!!

Projekts First demo "Recommended Dose" has been offically released!!. Months upon months have been put into this song, and still it's not exactly where we want it. But it's at the point now where we feel comfortable enough to share it with you the fans. We cannot stress enough that this recording is a demo and is subject to change until the final track is release on the CD. Similar formats will follow with the other songs but Recommended Dose is the first of many. You will notice in the song, audible mistakes, these were left in there on purpose in the light of, "...it's just a demo and are not looking for perfection at this point." Please listen to the song and please comment on it. Good or bad we want/need feedback from our fans, and please dont sugar coat it. Its been a long road we've travelled, and still an even longer stretch to go, but we hope you enjoy projekts first offical demo, "Recommended Dose". -Projekt