Gotta Love the LBC!!! Fern's you rock!

It' small, dirty, and absolutely 100%punk...Fern's is reminiscent of Al's Bar that used to be around in the late 90's in Downtown LA. Super great vibe, and always ends up being a fun night for all in attendance. We had a Blast palying with PANIC MOVEMENT, SUMO, and THE BEETERS last Friday. Good tunes all night!...Can't wait to go Rollin in the LBC smokin indo sippin on gin and juice!


So A few weeks ago we were beyond lucky enough to share the same bill with the infamous Youth Brigade!! It was a slice of heaven to not only see the brothers brigade, but to have them see us play and not throw tomatoes, was ultimate!...LOL

The Airliner was packed and extremely hot that day (one of the hottest to date in LA). Gina one of the kick ass owners was pouring drinks and stoking out the Kids all night...SHout out to GINA!... and to SHARKMAN for letting us play that show...total honor!

And to the Stearn Brothers....you fucking KILL!!! AMAZING!

3 !the kids

MR. T's Bowl - Yet another fabulous friday night!

Just a quick shout out to one of our absolute favorite venues Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park. Gus books the shows and knows how to find the gems in this sea of endless bands. Arlo, byu far is one of the best sound guys in LA. He know that room like the back of his hand, and is just an all around killer guys to work with.

We played with a band from Canada called REMOVAL....who ARE AMAZING....GO SEE THIS BAND!! 3 piece instrumental with samples and visuals....the musicianship is bar none!

till next time

xo !the kids