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The Cigar Box Bouzouki origins

2 years ago, I walked into McCabe's music in LA and saw an unusual instrument on the wall. "AHH the cigar box bouzouki" said the salesman. A few hours later, I walked out in a daze. I couldn't afford something so obscure and expensive, but my heart would have none of it. I went back to Toronto without the instrument, feeling I had made a terrible error in judgment. Time passed, but my heart was full of longing. I decided I would buy the bouzouki! Then, I got an email saying Andy Summers, the guitarist from THE POLICE had bought it. I was heartbroken. This week, as an early birthday present from my incredible wife, I now own the "Harold Harris" version of that same instrument that I played in LA. Hear it on ""Morning has Broken" The Luther’s is Kurt Schoen. http://schoenguitars.com/

Louise E. Murray
Louise E. Murray  (almost 4 years ago)

trust your instincts

My guitar makers website

Kurt Schoen built my cigarbox bouzouki. He's made guitars for zz top, keith richards, andy summers, etc. His new website is here http://schoenguitars.com check out Johhny Depps guitar... it's a beauty

New song coming

You know when you're looking for that special "something" for a song. I just found it! Not sure if ill get any sleep tonight...


Hi friends! Very excited to be getting my very own Kurt Schoen cigar box bazooki. Or, as he calls it, a turbo-zouki!