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celebrate 15 years of Wallypalooza

Wallypalooza turns 15 years old in 2012! To celebrate 15 years of music, memories, and awesomeness, Wallypalooza brings to you the BIGGEST Wallypalooza in its 15 year history. The carnival of coolness RETURNS with 4 nights of music and mayhem!

Hosted by The Black Liver Society: Waylon Whiskey, Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan, J.c. Ratliff, Dave Wright, John Upton....and you just never know who else may drop in

featuring live performances from: Labyrinth, Centric, German Deathwish, Cooter Punch, Joe Coe, Afterlife, Binfield, Divided We Stand, Psychosystem, Rockslyde, Badmouth, Shallowpoint, Catalyst, Big Trouble, Crome Molly, Warclown, Altermatum, The Aftermath, Rot Iron, One of the Fallen, Great Poison White Ratt Snake, Hollywood and Dirty D, The Micheal Gunnz Band {lineup subject to change}

Contest, raffles, and more

Ages 21+up {due to smoking laws in Tn}

$5 per night