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I Want to Thank Poze Productions and Doug E Fresh for Awarding My Album "Musical Therapy' for April 2015 Best Album of The Year in Hip Hop. And also want to Thank Akademia Music Awards for giving me the Award for Best Rap/East Coast Album 'Musical Therapy'. www.th​eakade​mia.co​m/june​2015_b​estal…​peastc​oast.h​tml …

Listen to the 2 Time Award Winning Album Musical Therapy here. www.yo​utube.​com/pl​aylist​?list=​PLA522​63DDAD​EDB462

My radio interview with Dr Leigh Davis

Check me out on the real deal with Dr Leigh Davis Radio show. Her show is regularly seen on NBC news, CNN, and Fox news.

We are excited to welcome special musical guest Keez MC, who will be playing clips from his new album "Musical Therapy;" including clips of the hit song "Report to the Dance Floor." Listen to what sets this New York hip-hop artist apart from the pack. Keez MC's album is available now on iTunes and at http://www.keezmc.spruz.com/ .

Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time, is now our regular spot. {Theme: Entertainment, Current Events, Politics and HOT TOPICS!!!} {Guest Profile: Anyone who has something current and interesting to talk about. The Real Deal is modeled after the old Merv Griffin talk shows, in that we keep it entertaining, but focused on what is happening in the world, (i.e.: HOT TOPICS!)} Remember, we have open topics and we do NOT screen our calls. All we ask is: be fascinating; keep it current; and visit http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.com/ {or} http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.co.uk/. *** NEW *** Listen LIVE from anywhere by calling (646) 727-2831 at 10 PM.*** LIVE call-in number: (646) 727-2831. 24/7 call-in number 24/7 voicemail (may be played on the air): (646) 470-2170. here's the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drleighdavis/2013/03/28/the-real-deal-with-dr-leigh-davis

Poze Productions

Poze Productions You're on Poze Radio again tonight. You'll be on until Monday. Your feature song Hip Hop Til i Die. Congratulations for being featured again on Poze Radio Keez Mc http://pozeproductions.com/page/poze-radio-2

report to the dance floor second single off my album musical therapy


My official website here it is check out my musicand more


thanks to all my fans new and old

just want to say thank you to all my fans you all are important to me i love you all peace.

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new video

KeeZ new Video Directed by: Dj 250Sean Reid a.k.a Dj 250 | Myspace Video

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hey ya'll this keezmc here to let everybody know about my new tracks come to my page check it out become a friend of mine the tracks some are original tracks some are other people beats that im rhyming on everything is fire peace yall.