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What is Music?

What is music? I ask myself this question on a daily basis. I wake up and sing a melody. I listen to the birds chirp a subtle tune. I listen to the world as it spins on an axis driven by tempo and rhythm. I listen to what is and to what can be. These thought processes that create sounds may just be a wavelength of vibrations transmitted out of an "instrument", But to me, they are so much more. They are a creation of something that wasn't before. Something so serene and blissful that it can move one to happiness, tears of sorrow, then back to joyfulness with one simple stroke of a key. This is what I live for. Music. It moves me and I hope that it moves you. My undying passion is to deliver a caliber of music that with strike your soul and truly caress your heart and inspire or create some sort of emotion that has never been reckoned before. This is my DREAM. This is my GOAL. This is my LIFE. Music is LIFE. Music is LOVE.