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Not a Cinderella Story

Just like a Cinderella story, should I continue to wait for the right producer or collaboration fit? I don't understand. People from the industry come on my page and say "Hey I really like what your doing" and then they want me to be the next Rock N Roll queen ( I don't like screaming, sorry) or something they envision like cut all my hair off and dye it blonde. I am not a difficult person and believe in compromise, but if you can't meet me part of the way, then by all means find another puppet . So the answer to my own question is I won't sit around waiting! No such thing as a fairytale. I'll just continue my journey and keep learning. I will graduate from Culinary School this Spring and be designing all my creations on my new blog. My vision is to brand my music and cooking together. It's all art in my mind and what keeps me sane in this crazy fantastic world.

Hear and NOW by Maria Kacanda

Its been awhile I know, I guess I didn't have much to say, I was using my words and feelings to record and write. Most of my songs I wrote were about waking up to the fact that everything isn't perfect but life is what you make it. They are a mix of acoustic, pop, and electro pop. I had the honor to work some amazingly talented producers that allowed me the freedom to create. I'm really excited to share "My Eighteenth Year". We are also in the process of working on a music video for it, so I will keep you guys posted! Thanks for listening:) maria

Hopes and Dreams for 2013

I hope everyone had a good year. But I know its been tougher for some than others in the music industry. This was probably my hardest up and down year. I got signed to Jive and than alot of my team was let go and so were my dreams of releasing my first album. I was so close. I couldn't believe it was happening to me. But it did and it was hard to deal with it and felt bad and asked "why me" But then I found out it happened to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and many more. And it may of happened to you , too! But what I was told and learned was that this was a right of passage. That hopefully I will get the opportunity again and I will fight hard with all my might to keep it from slipping away. Not that I felt I did before, but that I want it so bad and when I hopefully get it, I will savor it and stay humble and keep doin what I love, making music:) Best of luck to all you talented musicians out there in 2013!!!

The Johnny Walker Experience
The Johnny Walker Experience  (about 5 years ago)

Beautifully said!