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A nice feature column in the SC Good Times today, and a great show lined up tonight at The Crow's Nest at the beach. If you play it, they will come. Here we come, and we gots some tunes to play fo' ya...


Played a three hour show last night, on a stage that has been graced by some of the greatest artists and musicians in the world. Heavy mojo up there. Maybe 35 people were there at the peak. In the now, with the overload of info and content coming at us every which way, the real challenge is how we get people's attention and build an audience. Music is damn good, players are damn good, the venues are impressed. But the audience? Not yet. I guess you keep playing, stay with what you believe, and trust that good things will follow...

gearing up

One week til Moe's Alley - we'll be shooting live video at the show. Lot of GREAT artists have graced that stage, looking forward to adding our imprint!


Played our first show with this new lineup, had a blast. Sweat covered band, beautiful ladies shaking it all up and down, and a deferred request for 'jessie's girl'. This is the good stuff!


Right out of the gate, we found another band named Golden State, based in LA and aiming at pop superstardom. Wish them success on their journey - and had to find a new name for the band ahead of our first upcoming gig. Welcome THE SPOKESMEN, in the house.


Matt here, saying hello to the reverbnation world, and to the virtual world in general. I've been making music for a long time, but still finding my way in this evolving technology revolution as it relates to music, bands, and life. Gotta say - I love LIVE music. That's what this band is about. Everything is pointed at playing at great local venues and connecting with people in places where you can share a beer between sets. No vaulted ambitions or illusions of stardom - just a commitment to songwriting and to performing... Hope to see you at a gig soon! MC