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Don't Sleep Under My Tree

"Don't Sleep Under My Tree" is about waking up with yourself and not being particularly happy about your own company. Y'know those mornings where you look in the mirror and you're just not sure that the guy lookin' back at you is the kind of guy you want to spend your day with. It's a song about that. It's a song about renewal. It's about reaching for the better you. I've worked the kind of jobs in my life that ask you to lay down big pieces of yourself. There are some things you have to compromise to provide for yourself and your family but there's a line where people ask you to compromise parts of yourself that are too integral to who you are. Parts that define you as an individual. Those are the parts you can't give up. I found myself giving some of that up and not recognizing myself. Not feeling the nourishment of my own identity. And that's when I wrote this song, that's when I set out to reclaim what I'd given up. Sometimes you gotta chase the Devil out of your garden.