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Saturday July 5th at the 49'er

Come check us out this Saturday night at the 49'er Bye-Bye. Opening the show at 8pm is Pete Sander.


The Bourbon Bluegrass Band is a quintet which hails from the Capitol City, Springfield, Illinois. Despite this fact, the group has always felt much more comfortable in the rowdy rural watering holes surrounding the urban sprawl where they earned their name and have built a small following. The band boasts the leadership of the undisputed best guitar flat picker in Central Illinois, Luke Turasky. His skills on the instrument are only fully believable upon hearing. His song selection is quite diverse and he has the ability to turn nearly any tune into a 90 MPH by the seat of your pants bluegrass extravaganza. The Rev. Michael E. Steinhauer is one of the areas few dobro players. He is certainly the most experienced of the group, and has at one time or another known every song written since 10,000 B.C. He has of course forgotten most of them but if you give him the first line he can usually recall the rest in full. His son Brian Steinhauer plays the mandolin. He studied and earned a degree in classical music at SIUC. Fortunately for him, the honky tonkers don’t hold it against him, as they do observe his enthusiasm when the musical energy increases and he begins jumping up and down to help drive the pace. Geoff Ryan and Justin Schmitt fill out the rhythm section on bass and drums respectively. Their solid timing drives the ensemble to rates not usually recommended by your family doctor. The boys have great fun performing the music and look forward to do everything in their power to get your toe tapping and to have you hollering for more the next time you catch up with them.