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Upcoming Show

Reckless will be performing in Lawrence, KS @ The Jackpot Saloon on Mass St. Tickets are $5 in advance, doors open @ 7pm. February 8th. Catch Reckless, Scottie Boy, KPK, and Park Avenue kill shit as usual.


May 15, Jackpot Saloon, catch me live with KPK, KJT, NAYDIVZ, AND MORE. LAWRENCE KS, $5 ENTRY FEE

New Song ''Go In''

New single from To The Moon And Back, which releases June 2013.

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www.facebook.com/recklesskw NEW CD JUNE 2013

3rd Cd In The Making!!!

This june Im releasing ''To The Moon And Back'' and it has 20 tracks with some dope features! Im 60% done with it, be sure to look out for new songs here shorty!


How To Fly Ft. Brandon Hopkins

Working On New Stuff

Currently Im writing and recording new material for y upcoming cd, ''To The Moon and Back'' - early summer. be on the look out for that!

Still Writing...

Im currently working on something a bit new. Im behind on my EP, HALLOWEED, but that'll still be released when Im not so lazy. Watch out!


I'm still putting out HALLOWEED but after that I'm taking a break until 2013 and I'll have new work ready.

Songs Won't Upload *SHITTY*

I've been having some difficulty uploading my music on here. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Sorry