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Anna Lea Pudan / Blog


My newest song is now up on Reverbnation! It's a rock collab between me and Bobby Mack of B. Mack and the Strat Pack. It's Bobby's music and production skills, my lyrics and vocal. It's pretty wierd, but it's pretty good! Have a listen!

Anna Lea Pudan


Here's a cover of Ain't No Sunshine. The instrumental and production were done by Bobby Mack. I did the vocal. This is an initial mix, there will be a better one to come soon!


FROM TIM O'BRIEN - SOUNDCLICK "Big Old Easy Chair" - a collab with Bobby Mack Next up is a collab from Anna Lea and Bobby Mack called "Big Old Easy Chair," which I listened to shortly after eating a bagel at work; BIG mistake, lol. The song is great, and overall the quality of the writing and recording is REALLY unique; but it made me just a little sea-sick, serious vertigo setting in here. There is some totally INTENSE left-right panning going on that to ME really evoked a side-to-side rocking feeling. Do NOT listen to this song in the car, unless you want to have an accident, lol. In the right setting, in a chair bolted to the floor in a room with a big stereo, listening to this song would be a VERY intense experience, and probably highly enjoyable. To its credit the rolling cadence of the tune, and the bouncing, off the wall approach to the recording and instrumentation are really quite artistically valid and engaging. But if you're NOT in the mood for a very in-depth experience you're better off saving this one for another time. The lyrics and singing are REALLY cool. Anna Lea has a really hip, jazz-singer sort of lilt to her voice; and in the context of this song it fits PERFECTLY. I could imagine this song being employed to GREAT "creep-out" effect by a master film-maker like David Lynch in some kind of surreal tapestry of sound and image. The lyrics seemed rather unusual, I would have liked to listen to this several times through to probe them more closely for subtext, but the intensity of the music really was a bit harrowing for me on the average Wednesday morning, lol. I'm not sure what more to say. This is everything music should be in terms of creativity, risk-taking, and individuality; but in places I fear it is in fact too much of a good thing. If you want a musical experience that really will stretch you out and rattle around in your brain, this track should be at the top of your list. If you're just lookin' for something to have in the background at a party or something, look elsewhere. I would VERY much suggest that these artists continue to collaborate and explore where they can go with these ideas. IMO this is a VERY sucsessful musician/lyricist match-up; approaching on Elton John-Bernie Taupin level collaborative appropriateness. I'd like to see some of the more extreme sonic elements and studio production wizardry cut back a bit on future pieces though. 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 FROM DAVE LARGON - SOUNDCLICK.COM "Big Old Easy Chair" A - Structure - Win - I can hear this as an album ender. VERY creative and unique sounding. B - Musicality - 6 - While I like the guitar lead that is laced throughout the track, at times it comes across as musical masturbation. (slightly overdone) The acoustic guitars sound nice. The only other thing that kinda bothers me is the lack of a progression change. This may not be an issue if you were to end your album with this track, but as a lone song, I feel the lack of a change subtracts from the piece. C - Likability - 5 - Doesn't alway have to change, hence what I was saying about an encore track at the end of your disc. D - Emotion - 5 - you employed a strong sense of sadness, well done. E - Mix - 7 - I think everything sounded good, I just feel that the Doppler that was active through out the WHOLE track? A little too much for my taste. I can't argue against it because it does bring out an interesting feel to the song, so... F - Master - I wouldn't touch it with a mastering tool at all. G - Production - Again the lack of a progression change has me wanting to hear more. Even if just a Cmaj, Dmaj, back to the Emin progression was thrown in there a few times. Over all though? VERY creative and gets an A+ in my book.

In short - Have you ever had one of those nights.... and then 4 AM rolls around? A must listen.


Take a listen to my newest song "Big Old Easy Chair". Lyrics and vocal are by me. The original song and production are by Bobby Mack of B. Mack and the Strat Pack. He said I could use this song any way I want and to just have fun with it, so I am! It's an interesting mix. I have a few of my own original songs up my sleeve that are in production, "Alien Nation" and "Elemental". Watch for them. We may also team up for a cover of "Ain't No Sunshine". We'll see what develops, either together or individually. Stay tuned!

Anna Lea Pudan


I just received an e-mail from Canadian songwriter and recording artist, Rita MacNeil!

Dear Anna Lea: Love the lyrics of your "Special Kind of Blue". Reminds me of Delbert McClinton. You sound like you got it going on. All the success in the world for you, Anna. Love xo, Rita MacNeil

I don't believe it........!!!!!!!!!! I wrote her once about 3 months ago asking for her considered opinion about Special Kind of Blues. I still can't believe I got a response!


My name is Anna Lea Pudan. I am an aspiring songwriter. Well, actually songCRAFTER, since I create my tunes from loops. My songs all have solid lyrics and a certain smoothness that might just reach out and grab you.

My music is an odd mixture of rock/jazz/blues/lounge/country. I will add a few more of my original songs within the next week or so.

Thanks for checking out my music and my site!