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New Mixtape: BOSSette: The Lost Files Vol 1

New Jersey's own Rell Rock is back once again with another Hip Hop banger "On My Way To The Money" . Rell Rock, leader of the N.E.R.D. Gang (New Era Rap Draft) is universally recognized as one of the premiere female MC’s in all of hip-hop. Recognized for her many writing contributions to several of today’s hiphop artists, Rell Rock has come to realize that her presence is exactly what the music industry is in need of. More than a rapper Rell Rock earned her reputation by crafting his rhymes like poetry, filling her lines with elaborate metaphors and complex internal rhyme stories. Rell Rock proves emphatically that she has the ability to take clever words and translate them into powerful music. Her EP release was done with no n word or b word to prove that the new Hip Hop artist can make quality music while interpreting and using a bigger vocabulary, and females need to lead this movement. This was Rell Rock's contribution to her catalog to show there needs to be a new way of thinking for Hip Hop to grow internationally while maintaining the integrity towards its roots and forefathers.