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Dimensions Bio

e band was formed on 5 oct 2011, which took place in the city of Banda Aceh, which all started from Ojeb met Jeffrey at an event in Banda Aceh, there ojeb invites Jeffrey to form a band that is DIMENSIONS, because you were both in the band and still needed personnel, the Ojeb and Jeffrey tried to find permanent personnel to DIMENSIONS, every few months to see was Ryan, Ryan him self had another friend Ojeb .. Ryan is positioned as a bassist, every few months and Alol meet Febrie, eventually they were both hired as permanent personnel, DIMENSIONS now have found a solid personnel .. This alone brings the band Metalcore genre .. The band also consists of 5 persons :

Vocal : Jefriandi [Ojeb]

Lead : Jeffrey Saputra [Jeff]

Rhytm : Rizka Aulia Febriyedi [Febrie]

Bass : Edi Yuliansyah [Ryan]

Drums : M.Syahrul Ramadhan [Alol]

Label: Hellrise Record

Manager: Bustamam

The band itself is nothing but regurgitated from basecamp Colony Of Scream, Banda Aceh .. Keep going with the flow .. Thus was the short travel stories DIMENSIONS .. Thank you !