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Great show & thanks

Last night in Harlem,NY @ 449 LA Scat, was one interesting/soul stirring freaky night.(I think cause there was a Full Moon. lol.) Myself & A Moment of Epiphany shook the whole spot w/our erotica!! :) And big kudos to the open micers that ripped the stage as well. Great array of artist. Most fun I've had in Harlem in some time! Big thanks to Ron Haynie for the love and support, in granting me the opportunity to spotlight at his show, for the 1st time ever since performing @449 LA 2yrs. ago. Also to Epiphany, u know I love u and got love 4u you girl. My Scorpion counter part. We have some beautiful chemistry with each other. On and off the stage/mic.

On a side note: I'll be back tomorrow(May 2nd), one more time in Harlem. To start of the Month of Mothers Day. At the Spaha Lounge. 1634 Lexington ave. Bet. 103rd & 104th st. (by the #6 train, train station) Might be my last feat. in Harlem for a while. So come out if possible and see me, as well as the ever so talented queen, Ms. Zera Priestess(writer/singer/poet/actress) pay homage to the original queens of lives....MAMA.

When dtruth speaks...just listen.


Come August....Get Ready Queens. The Truth will be coming!!

Aug. 3rd 2009. I will be feat. @ Tierra Sana Restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens. Free entry. And there will be food...and drinks. So be ready for food 4 thought as well as food 4 belly. lol. :) And also, pending progress goes smooth...my first book will be ready around that time.

Finally coming to queens!!

Show Off Ent. Presents

Open Mic Friday, February 6, 2009The Afrikan Poetry Theater176-03 Jamaica Avenue. Jamaica Queens NY 114328:00PMShowent.com

B-day was great!!! And still grinding!!

Had a great night on my b-day my TCM fam. Moms & Pops came out to see me speak da truth for the first time!! Along w/big bro. And I dun tore dey mouth out, made minds wet and awoke consciences b4 I was done that night. Big thanx and shotout to Shea B for holding it down on da hosting. And also went along when an enjoyin when I did my interactive piece wit her. Hopefully my throat clears up soon so I can make it to these up coming shows and not disappoint. BK...U still gittng some luv this new month. Bx, I'm a come thru...promise. Jersey, in due time I'm coming to wake your hibernating consciouses. Everyone else...Dtruth will come to speak..give me time.

Harlem,you ready for me again? BK,your son is here. And Bx,dtruth is coming!!

To my truth commission fam, you ready to ride with me some more? How you doing? My debut at 95 South friday was a blessing. And it was the first show in a while that I didn't have to spend money to travel. :)...well not since Folukies back on tuesday. Anyway, I'm glad I got a new fam & another home to come to in BK. Hacienda feels like a good one this monday night. Ladies, a-hem and gentlemen, yea. I'll be in the building. HARLEM!! U ready? First stop, La Pregunta this wednesday. Don't know how it gone go down,but I'm sure it will be something to remember. Next stop,I'm coming wit on Friday with my man Ronne. 449 LA scat!! Oh, and Bx,I see you. Next month be on the look out for me. Details on that show soon. Food 4 thought: “In doing your work in the great world, it is a safe plan to follow a rule I once heard on the football field: Don't flinch, don't fall; hit the line hard.” - --Theodore Roosevelt Dtruth has spoken...thankyou for listening.

Back in Town

What up my brooklynites and Truth Commission Movement peole!! Da truth is back in town. And ready to set stages a sunder. Check me out this monday night at Hacienda. It's guaranteed to to be a banger!! And as always... "When da truth speaks...just listen."

Brooklyn, I'll be there Friday. Tenessee, I'm coming!!!

Hey my peoples and fellow Truth Commission Movement. Another heads up from ya boy Abe. Friday, I'll still be finally making my debut, venue performance in Brooklyn!! Also, I'm a be down it Tenessee real soon. So git ready my southern Truth Commission Movement branch. Da truth is coming to speak...so jus listen. Da truth has jus spoken....

Coming thru to a borough near you...

Jus letting my peoples know eventhough I been mostly performing in Manhattan...I may have neglected, but not forgotten. My birth babylon, BK,we gone rock soon enough. And other boroughs,I'll make an appearance in due time. I'm just working on some important stuff that needs my attention right now.

Adding tracks soon...

I'll be adding some tracks here soon. When I do, I'd appreciate the feedback. God bless. "When dtruth speaks...jus listen.." -Honest Abe ;)