January 2016 Update!

We've been very busy behind the scenes writing new music and are more focused than ever on completing our latest and third EP tentatively titled "Audio Es Control" by Spring/Summer 2016.

In December 2015, Heri (Eddie) our co-producer and guitarist visited Mistique (Red )Studio's in San Juan, PR and recorded an impromptu acoustic version of our song entitled "I Want You Back," which may end up in our new EP. Natalia Rosa of P.R. Films and an associate of the Mistique studio took the opportunity to work on a video shoot of Eddie playing the song at the studio.

In March 2016, Eddie plans to join his producer and best friend J.A. Alvarez (Bass) and their friend Efra (our Drummer) in Houston to record the vocals and/or music for most all of songs of our new EP.

The titles of the songs for the new EP are as follows in alphabetical order:

1. Amistad 2. Amor Perfecto 3. Fuera de Control 4. I Want You Back (Band version) 5. I Want You Back (Acoustic version) 6. My Conviction

Stay tuned for more...Cheers!

June 2015 - Update

Update! ...so a quick update...and we've been busy behind the scenes. Hopefully soon we'll release our full CD...13 songs (both previous 6 song ep's some things added others taken away and remixed & remastered in Houston, TX. @ 226 Recordings by Paul Cox, plus one new song "Amor Perfecto.") In addition, we're also working on ep #3...6 songs, two in Spanish and 4 in English. It will also include a version of "Amor Perfecto" with a different solo (original guitar solo for the song that will apprear on full cd by Marco Antonio Tax, of Houston, TX based Spanish pop/rock band Kronika...and solo for the song that will appear on ep #3 was done by Luey Cisneroz from Houston, TX based metal band Witness To The Fallen). This weekend we started work on the fourth song from ep#3! This third ep already shows yet another evolution in our growth...lyrically, musically, vocally...and it's sounding incredible, with some surprizes in store! So as you can see, we've been busy beavers...like we've mentioned before, our plans are still to release the full cd this year with ep#3 to follow early next year (God willing, crossing our fingers, all that stuff) In the meantime you can go download our fist two ep's on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc... Enjoy and stayed tuned. Salud/Cheers!--Audioconttrol - See more at: http://www.acmusica.com/eventos/#sthash.0VpRz3zU.dpuf

Update Spring 2015

...so here's a quick update: This year will mark the release of our first proper CD...13 songs, which are the songs of both our previous ep's remastered ...some things added, some things taken away, but all up another level. The CD will also include a new track, "Amor Perfecto." Additionally, we are halfway through our third 6 song EP, which should be released later this year (hopefully). This EP will have 2 songs in Spanish, but four in English...kind of the opposite of our previous two ep's. In any case, the songs are showing an evolution in songwriting on our part...musically and lyrically. We are excited to get this to y'all because it's really taking shape and absolutely kicking ass! So now you're caught up...stay tuned always for more updates. Cheers/Salud!--AudioConttrol

Update 2014

So...we find ourselves again back at 226 Recordings in Houston, TX with audio engineer and studio owner Paul Cox. We are remixing our EP's 1 (Mis Noches en Vela) & 2 (Ya No Puedo Mas) and recording 3 extra bonus tracks to put all on 1 CD and release in 2015. One of the bonus tracks is on here as a preview...titled "Amor Perfecto", still needs to add lead guitar track, but we posted it anyways as a preview....cause it's really a record we're proud of...and kicks ass as well. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned!

AudioConttrol Live!

So last week AudioConttrol went out for a "test drive" of some of the songs. We invaded the club "Acadia Live" in Houston, TX., along with our sister and brother bands Kronika and The Voiceless Thunder. We performed the songs "Ojala", "Instinto Animal", and "Boca"...all from our first ep "Mis Noches en Vela" (yes, available in all online music download services). And the results: success! We had a great reception from the crowd and lots of great feedback, which we very much appreciate. We will continue to do these impromptu gigs, open mics, etc...to tighten up our sound as a band and get us ready for the full gigs and tour. Thanks to our "live band" buddies Marco Tax (guitars) and Efrain Ramos (drums)...and our great fans out in Houston! Can't wait to do it again!! Salud/Cheers!!!

Already recording for the next EP

The last week of April saw AUDIOCONTTROL back again at Magik Recording Studios in Houston, TX, with Karim Khorsheed and Chubbs Malone laying down the first 2 tracks for their follow up EP. Another 6 songs with an estimated release time frame of March 2013, and from the sound of the first two tracks, everything will going up a notch to the next level. So stay tuned and continue to help spread the word by getting your friends to check us out here, in facebook, and our official website acmusica.com. Thanx!

Fan reaction to our debut EP...

"All the songs are really good, but my top three are: 1. Ojalá - my favorite...2. Fake/Tell Me Why - couldn't decide between the two...3. No Me Quieras...Oh, and all the inspiration...really comes through in your music...it is nice to hear something that isn't just the same 4 or 8 beat refrain over and over again throughout the entire song. I just wanted to make sure you knew that was appreciated!" Jack R. (March 2, 2012) Maryland “You guys rock, BTW! And Boca is not just my favorite song on the album, but is one of my favorite songs, period. People just need to hear this great album! Mike N. (April 12, 2012) Maryland

EP available online now!

Our debut 6 song EP "Mis Noches En Vela" is now available on-line via iTunes, AmazonMP3, CDBaby, and all major on-line music services where you can purchase and download music. And don't forget to tell all your friends!! Thanx!!!