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AMB in 2012!

Hey all! I just wanted to touch base and keep you up to date.. the Aury Moore Band has been in the studio working with Producer Stevie Adamek... We have been thrilled to be working with him! He has some cool outside of the box ideas and has been making some cool changes with our music! We have 4 songs recorded as of right now... gonna be throwing down 2 more in the next couple weeks...We now have merchandise!! Hats,Tshirts for both men and women and one of a kind hoodies each with a unique design. I will soon have those avaliable online for those of you who have been asking! Our website will be back up and running too! We are making some new changes to that site! many of you have been asking for me to keep you up to date so... Hopefully I accomplished that! Thanks for showing support to The AMB! Without all your support we would be no where! Much love to you all! A~

Change can do you good!

We have had a couple of crazy years but it seems as if things are starting to flow in the direction we have been hoping for! We have added Tony Ciarrochi to the band on keys! He is a great talent who is quite a talented writer as well! I feel so blessed that he came our way. The other new addition we have had is in bringing in a new producer! I am so very thrilled to have a chance to work with Producer Stevie Adamek! He seems to really get my voice and hears so many new sounds! I could not be more thrilled! He and I had a chance to sit down and get to know eachother. He gets what my voice is all about and really has a plan in helping us shine! I am so looking forward to getting this next cd off the ground! Stevie has been the right blessing at the right time! Keep an eye out on future updates! We have many things in the works! A~

Aury Has an Agent

Hey all I am currently working with an agent. I am very excited about his history... It is looking like 2010 may be a very good year for us!! Please... Knock on Wood!!! A

The AMB is recording!

We have had a very exciting start to 2010. So far we have had many shows but now we have finally had some time to get into the studio. As some of you know, our producer, Tom Pfaeffle, was killed last July so this was our first time in the studio since he has been gone. It was fairly emotional for me at first but then I just fell into the vibe that Tom had created and we got to work. We were able to lay down 4 tracks... now we just need to get into the mixing room then the next cd will be half done!! A~