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Shaking off the dust!

It has been three months off from music for Drizzle Punkrock. March is our time to get back to work on our music, merch, and shows. Looking to do shows outside of Tucson. Let you know soon.

Drizzle Punkrock People

While we work on our music. We just added two shows. Oct 18th, and Nov 12th. Go to our facebook page to check it out. Thank you.

Hello from Drizzle Punkrock

Looking over our stats. I wonder, just think if we put blood,sweat,and tears into our music. I'm amazed at what we've done without too much effort. Our next cd will prove if that will happen. to be cont...

Drizzle Punkrock

We are on a much needed break from shows. We started working on new songs, merch, and much more. Back to vacation. :)

Drizzle followers!

Looks like we are getting geared up for this year. (ch)BEERS to you!

Drizzle Punks!

Oct. we broke up. Jan 5 is the return. New Year with new music coming, and new view on where we are going to do this year. Not looking to be #1, just to be playing shows and having a good time doing it. PUNKROCK!

Drizzle Punkrock Fans!

We have been playing shows around Tucson and one show up in Phx. As most of you are in a band or two. You know how hard it is to get more music recorded. Hopefully in late summer we will get some more music made.We have two more shows, and then we will be bowling in Vegas for punkrock bowling. Summertime is the time for us to do our thing and make some music and record it. Then more shows. Thats it for now. Later Punkrockers!

To our fans

We have been on the down low as of now. After May, Drizzle will be making new music and more shows. Mini tours around Az, Ca, Co, NM, Nev. We are really a beer band and like it that way. Since we are asked to play with bigger bands lately, we have to put down our beers for a while.and jam. Hang in there until after May. We will be there to party with. Later all!