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I should be dead (read this)

yesterday the 19th of febuary was a day i will never forget...my friend mark had returned from japan during his service in the air force...this was the first week he had been back in about 9 months...we decided to celebrate and have a party for him...another friend of mine had recently bought his first house and no one had been there yet...we decided to throw the party there...picked up a full car load of people including mark got beer and started to head to the house...on the phone we found out the house was right before the train tracks and the driveway (which was more like a long dirt alley) didn't have a clear ramp to enter and was hard to find...so we arrived at the cross streets and started to look for the ramp...we saw the train crossing red guards went down...but we were looking for the ramp to enter the driveway so closely the driver didn't see how close he was to the track...a corner of the car cheeped up on to the track because the guard was on the other side of the street...as we headed up the ramp (which was far to close to the track obviously)...all the passengers in the car including myself started shouting "back up dude back up!!!"...the driver tried to reverse but in the mayhem the car ended up in neutral instead...yes...we got hit...i was in the back seat on the drivers side but the part that was hit was the front passenger seat...which mark was sitting in...airbags deployed and the smoke from them filled the car...it was so fast it was hard to tell what happening..other than some crazy scary shit...the car spun around but the car was on an incline...so the car started to back up yet again into the train...right on the side i was in...i closed my eyes and pretty much accepted that i was going to die...i knew it was gonna hit again...another big hit and more spinning and the train finally passed by...all i hear is my friend jerry saying...get out of the car, get out!...i got out in a daze straight out of the movie saving private ryan...and just walked a ways and held on to a street post while letting it sink in...here's the miraculous part (which im still alive to be typing this so its pretty obvious i made it)no one in the car was hurt...not even a scratch...even the guy in the middle who wasn't wearing a seat belt was fine besides a slight back ache...both the front and the back of the car where completely destroyed...the front was totally twisted up dripping out gas...the trunk behind where i was sitting was completely gone...the only places that where not totally vaporized was the center of the car where everyone was...i will post pictures soon...you can see for yourself...we where protected by the most powerful miracle i have ever witnessed...every person who came up to the car couldn't believe we were alive...the emt's and police arrived really fast...the emts said there was no way we should have survived...especially those of us in the back...because the car we where in (a dodge charger) had a poor rating for rear impacts...we explained to the police what had happened one by one and waited there for almost 2 hours...the crazy thing was that the train eventually just continued their trip and rode away...i wonder if they even knew everyone was ok...all our lives where spared...i don't understand why...but we got a second chance...i thank the most high with everything i have for sparing my friends lives...i have a new look on life...every day i am so blessed...we survived what people would say is impossible...all praise to the most high

Jessi McKinnon
Jessi McKinnon  (over 4 years ago)

Thanks for sharing this. :)
I'm sure it was a very scary moment, but God definitely shielded you and your friends that day! Blessings...

Aleii Joan
Aleii Joan  (over 4 years ago)


Teresa Hart
Teresa Hart  (over 4 years ago)

I'm glad you were ok so you can continue on your journey and create more of the amazing music you have inside. Yes everyday is a belssing and I have also learned thankfulness. Thank you! cool tunes.

New Blog

Sorry for the wait on this new track...I've been working on my beats a little bit more recently...but i'll start work on a new song real soon...it will probably be on a beat i made myself

How it goes

So I've got 45 fans and 4 song plays...I guess that's how it goes out here...Everybody is so focused on their own thing they don't have time to check anyone else's work...Just know that I listened to your shit...and I'll continue to do so

Salcicio  (over 4 years ago)

I understand ya. you always have more fans than plays. Those numbers should, at a minimum, be equal. I also always listen to a few tracks from people to decide if I am actually a fan or not. Numbers are so misleading anyway. What's on paper is not always actual. Keep doing what you're doing.