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July 2013

Crow's Nest - Santa Cruz 7/24 :: Whale City - Davenport, CA 7/25 :: Roll on the Mattole - Petrolia, CA 7/27 :: Black Sheep Family Reunion - Tidewater, OR 7/28

Santa Cruz shows with Jim Lewin Band

Santa Cruz shows: Jim Lewin Band 9/19 Blue Lounge & 9/26 Crow's Nest. Nice to be back home...

March 2012

This month I'll be playing in several different configurations, showcasing my original songwriting in a trio with Scott Musick and Mike Sugar, and playing shows with Great American Taxi, Harmony Grits, Secret Chimp, and Scott Cooper. Also I've been producing a record for Country artist Durward Irwin and enjoying time off the road with my two fantastic and wonderful teenaged kids. Hope you all are enjoying yourselves!

This Point

Orbiting a star on a rotating planet in one solar system of the Milky Way galaxy, while traveling through time at a velocity comparable to other beings inhabiting this dimension. I am so glad we are all here together at this point in time and space.