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Record That Shit at Home

Hey all, So seeing as many of you are also musicians, I wanna hear if you have experience in home recording, and if so, what program did you use? Rant or rave, it's all good. I personally learned Ableton in a few days and find it pretty solid and user friendly. We are cuurently almost finished with our new track "Stealin'". So tell me worked for you!

New Photos!

Check em out! Even the more camera shy of us an managed not to look queasy under the skilled hand of our photographer, Josh Hertel. See the Eye of the Tiger burning through the shots, see it??

Going into the studio soon!

After a long hiatus, Royal Skin is back with a new drummer, a new bass player and we're screaming for vengeance. Currently tightening up our tracks, adding some sparkle, hailing Satan when needing, whatever it takes to get our music to you all! Stay posted \m/

The ssearch for the elusive reliable band members continues...

Forming and upholding a band is like being married to multiple (terminally dysfunctional) people and trying to keep that spark. Good thing I ain't afraid to crack the whip!