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The meaning behind No Escape

Have you ever looked around at the kids that you go to school with? At the adults who you're around in your life? Even sometimes your family. You watch them as they wear a mask; this mask conceals their flaws and their sins in order to conform and fit in with society, Sometimes, people can mask their emotions or problems by "painting" on a smile, and playing the false happiness game. As I look around and see these people, I feel like we're all trapped in the same false cycle. We prioritize fitting in with everyone else, and not standing out over living for ourselves. These lyrics were written to capture the essence of a fake society, and my views on it.

Our Name Meaning

We've had many questions as to where our name comes from. The idea behind our name is how society views the ideas and dreams of teenagers. A lot of times, a teenager will voice an idea or a dream that they have, but adults will put it down, or won't believe it can be achieved because, afterall, we're "just teenagers". People almost neglect our ideas and push them away, because they don't have faith in us. That's why we chose to call our name Less Than Neglect.


The band started with Megan, Daniel and Teddy in spring 2011. We started collaborating and writing songs shortly after. We realized we needed to look for a drummer so we went through some members to find the one we enjoyed the most. We asked Abram is he wanted to join the band he he agreed in the late summer of 2011. After that we Asked James to play guitar for us at around the same time. The five of us are very determined to express ourselves and be creative through our music. We all get along really well as friends and as a band, and it's a privilege to be a part of Less Than Neglect.