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Winter 2013 Update

Hey All,

Danny Delegato speaking! Currently I am relaxing in my hometown of Portland, Oregon writing new songs for The Hugs next album

The Hugs are writing new material for our Third studio LP to be released in 2013. We'll be wrapping up the 'writing process' soon and recording the songs in February-March in Portland. We have some really great tunes in the works titled: "Doorstep Girl" + "Magnify" + "Reel Love" + "In Moscow" + "I'll Go" + "Cool Chick" + many more gems in the making now.

It's been quite an eventful journey so far since I set out and embarked on "The Hugs" adventure back in 2007. I have learned many important life lessons. Life goes on and love grows and that is a beautiful reality! A lot has changed for the better. I have experienced some very amazing adventures and learned so much in the past four years or so. It's quite amazing and to be frank I feel more alive then I have ever felt.

I am writing a lot of songs, poetry, melodys, short stories, & lyrics lately. I am feeling renewed in many different ways. I worked really hard and released a heap of solo material in 2011 & 2012. Five full length solo albums to be precise! Most of all though I am very proud of my last/latest solo album I released in August, 2012 titled "Lovesick".

The collection of songs are very personal to me and I encourage you to go listen to it if you haven't yet! The album stands strong musically and lyrically I believe. The thoughts, feelings, lyrics, melodys are very special to me and have a very 'timeless' feel about them. They are about love, loss and lust. Songs about the very essence of relationship.

"Lovesick" is still streaming on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Click the 'Bandcamp' link to purchase and listen to all my solo material!

I look forward to unleashing all this amazing new 'The Hugs' material on the world. My next 'solo release' is in the works too and is venturing into new terrain in the sound department. I am feeling much more experimental and ambient nowadays then ever before. The best word to explain the musical direction is "ethereal". Be on the lookout for that in late 2013.

Please, look forward to hearing lots of new material in the year 2013 by me and The Hugs. Keep on keeping on everybody. Fight the good fight and don't worry be happy. As Tom Petty once said 'I won't back down' and neither should you or anyone. Love you all &

Take care,

+ Thank you for reading,

Danny Delegato