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Got a good start

all we needed was a good start and i think we got it... with already well established artists here, it's tough for newbies like us to come up.. nonetheless we're positive about this whole project.. we'll be posting a new music video soon.. we'll try and make it look as professional as possible!! do forgive us for any flaws.. we're still amateurs not to forget!!! we'got plenty of our own compositions which we haven't recorded yet.. and that is the problem- we haven't recorded it yet.. until now we really didn't have a reason to record yet.. now, we'll have to wait until the next time jam.. which would be someday far off as we live very far off from each other.. but never the less the new songs and videos are coming soon!! so keep following us.. and we are very thankful to you all for our good start :)

wonderlandrockopera.com  (over 4 years ago)

The work is really shows your talent and unique style. Keep on rising. I would fav you but all my fav are people who are suppose to be in my musical. Some I have not heard from or seen so I will kick them out soon.