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Sometimes, Good Things Happen

We have just been asked to open for The Wailers (yes, THOSE Wailers) in Dallas. For a lil' ol' reggae band from Texas, there aren't many things that would be a higher honor. Positivity, good vibes, friendly attitudes, and networking do eventually pay off. In the words of the immortal Eric Cartman: "Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals. We are living proof."

Fort Weekly Awards. Nominated "Best Live Band"

Pablo and the Hemphill 7 has been nominated "Best Live Band" by the Fort Worth Weekly!!!! If you are moved by our music please VOTE!!! ph7 forever!

Darth Vato and Pablo....

I am so excited about our show tonight with Darth Vato at Lola's Fort Worth!!!! Wish the whole world could be there tonight... its gonna be sweet.


Pablo is convinced that all the chatter concerning the end of the world in 2012 is bogus. Live your lives as if each day is the last anyway... remember they have been talking about the end of the world since mankind was able to talk. ph7 forever!!!