strategize and the play the position listen and pay attention leaving you with principles of a godly vision first figure what my mission, what is my destination is it such a mystery nobody can afford to seek? cuz yall too busy workin or yall too busy surfin blindly fillin ya head with these mindless issues i got no patience 4 the news im a distant type a dude until you bring up something new, somethin new? man everythings old i mean i seen the same gold, same ice same super model wife what is your price do you really want the fame nigga? get a dime everytime ya record played nigga.. you just the same nigga and im sure you probably rap thats why im rappin the way i am nigga im sure ya flows are wack my bros are back and we ready to change the game cuz yall so lollipop my dentist lookin at me strange nigga!

stuck in the past let me hit you with this new shit fuckin will smash on anyone who aint movin nobody had a plan, they stickin out they hands but they dont understand they'll be my biggest fans

Things aren't always as they seem

There's a lot of bullshit that goes on behind the scenes of a lot of things, i'm not going to go into detail because I don't want to come of as a nassisct. I have three basic rules of life 1) Never under estimate ANYbody 2) love the life you life, live the life you love 3) remember rule number one. Ok so I kind of cheated it's basically only two rules, but as life goes on I can still see how a lot of people are still sleeping and it's very difficult to get a person to realize, I spent a lot of time trying to get people to see the big picture but people usally take it with a grain of salt. They assume I'm trying to talk down, and i had to learn that most people are happy right where there at and not my place to push people to want more. Now I just focus all that energy on myself and my music. I don't want to live like.. well you, no offense, but I've realized that the people that we celebrate are people who really have gone on to achieve things that were said to be impossible and what not, anybody can go to school and work for 20 years, well maybe not anybody, maybe not me lol but point being, you don't see movies made about the person who listened to everything his parents told him to do or got good grades graduated and works a good job, c'mon all of that is too easy.. it takes a lot of time and patience more than talent and skill, music is one of the only things where I know i'll get back what i put into it, you can be the best employee at your job but they won't pay you as such, and if they do it's more of a title thing then a money thing. We look up to people who have overcame great challenges and opposed typical viewpoints to create change, they make it look so easy that we take it for granted because they're happy and always seen smiling but that doesn't mean there's no struggle in their life. I'm sick of people always trying to show me easy ways out, show me a new way to do something or don't show me anything at all