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Another Update!

Well within all this time we got a new bassist. Almost done with our EP "Volume" which is taking a little longer than we thought, but we want it perfect for you guys! We have TONS of new music we're writing, and we plan to gig next year to prep for our biggest show yet.

We are playing for legends such as Hallow's Eve, and Grim Reaper for the epic Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival in Chicago.

2014 is going to be a big year for Breakneck Pace. We all can feel it!!!


Yes that's right we have NEW MUSIC coming soon! Hopefully within the week! These are coming from our new EP with the present lineup!

Just need a little patience!

Major Update!!

Sup Neck Breakers!!! This is Wildman thought I'd tell you some news about the band.

First things first, to those who don't know we are recording a new EP called "Volume". This will be the first studio recording with the new lineup. It will hopefully be out by June 16th.

Next is show's. We have 3 in June and 1 in July. We also are in the slot for the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse festival in 2014 in Chicago!!!

More to come soon!!!!

How time changes.

Haven't done one of these in AWHILE. So as many of you may have heard from me or your friends. My band broke up.......BUT fret not Breakneck Pace fans! I have reformed the band with a new lineup while keeping it under the same name (due to my ownership of it).

Within a matter of two weeks my band went down in flames to back in the sky and joining the metal gods once again.

The "Mark II" lineup is what we like to call this version of the band. Our sound and form has never been better! We are busy working on original material and we plan to gig and gig and gig like MAD this year hopefully.

Prepare thy selves fans. For yours faces will be melted.


Moving up in the music world.

It's been awhile since we last posted a blog entry. Here's all that's happened and what will happen this year.

We have 2 shows this month one this Saturday at the Underground, and the other at Thompson House January 27th. We also are working on plenty more for February. We have been working on loads of new material for a future album release by Summer (hopefully). Eh fuck it here's the full list:

1. Planning Gigs throughout the rest of Winter/Spring. 2. We plan to start recording our debut album hopefully in May/June 3. we went up 60 chart points on Reverbnation!!!!! From #68 to #8 in Hamilton, Ohio. 4. We plan to have more merchandise for you lucky metal scamps. 5. Have been improving our stage presence as well.

Overall we plan to take this band to new heights this year, and believe you, me it's going to be fucking nuts!!!!!

-Wildman (guitar)

Rhythm Guitarist Auditions.

WASSUP METALHEADS!!! Wildman here just giving you a heads up on what we've been up to the past few weeks. We have two shows coming up next month. Listed below:

1.) Nov. 4th - Qbert Seiter's 7pm

2.) Nov. 24th - Thompson House 8pm

Be sure to check us out next month it's gonna be EPIC!!!! We are also auditioning rhythm guitarists in the area. And whomever we choose gets to play with us on our Nov. 24th!!!!!


-Wildman (guitar)


OK now then........OUR SONGS OFF OUR DEMO "IMMORTAL" ARE UP LISTEN NOOOOOOW!!!! Once we also post them on Bandcamp we will be selling them there too. TO KEEP!! Also we got two gigs coming up in November!!!

Live @ Qbert's Nov. 4th Sunday 6pm


Live @ The Underground Nov. 9th Friday 7pm.


Changes, Booking, and Promotions

Ok few things been going on these past few weeks, and here's what we got for ya!

1. We changed our demo's name and cover design. This is because the name and design we're not of fair use and we would face legal action if we were to use them. SOOOOOOO we changed them with FREE USE TRIPLE CHECKED ART. The demo is now called "Immortal" which fits better with us than the last one. It tells you that no genre of music will ever die as long as its played and been recorded for years and years after. As well as us wanting to bring it back to the mainstream world. The music will be out digitally mid next week.

2. Gigs........It's a pain in our asses booking these things. Due to our lack of freedom cause of life matters (school, college, marching band, work). Luckily Garian (Wildman) will be graduating college in January. Our drummer will be out of Marching band Nov. 1st, and Mike and Jesse have more free time then any of us so they're good. We will try and book gigs in November-Summer.

3. Promotion - We realize that we need to start promoting this a little more. Flyers, business cards, driving to venues. Going to local concerts to talk to other bands/venue managers. Otherwise we won't grab any more support.

That should be all of it guys!

Thanks, Breakneck Pace \m/(-0-)\m/


Finally finished all crazyness for our demo "Live Loud And Prosper". Release Date September 29th!!

Also our debut you show despite some technical issues. WE HAD A FUCKING BLAST! Even got an encore!!!


What time is it?!?!!

Its fucking update time! Alright working on our set list for our debut show at the Mad Frog September 2ND (Sunday). Sold 30 tickets already and more hopefully to come. All the instrumental-side of our debut EP "Live Loud and Prosper" is finished. Just need to add the vocals to the songs, mix, master, make a shit ton of copies and its done!!! WOOTS FOR EVERYBODY!!!!!

After the show and our EP is released. We will be booking future shows like crazy while writing new material on the flip-side. Looking to add some merch as well for future shows (T-shirts, buttons, etc.). Maybe a future Breakneck Pace ALBUM by mid 2013. We'll see what happens!!!

Wildman, Guitarist for Breakneck Pace.