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You and I

You and I

Written by: Derek Snowden and Lucia. Engineered by: Derek Snowden and Empire Studio. This was my first experience with an original song. The lyrics are about my life. I wrestled with the word "rescue" because I was never a helpless, pathetic woman who needed to be rescued in order to survive. I realise now that I *was* rescued by love. In finding a person to return my love, I was rescued from lonliness and solitude. After three weeks of late nights, hard work, and brain storming “You and I” was born. I would like to thank my God for all of the blessings He has given to me, my husband for being The Guy Who Makes Things Happen and my children for giving me the time I needed to work on this. I would also like to thank The Real World singers from Urbana, Ohio for providing the beautiful backup vocals. I look forward to making the rest of this album and more with my excellent team!

This is the birth of a dream. Lucia

Never Give Up!

No matter what people tell you. No matter how bad it looks. No matter how many times you mess up. No matter how much money you have -or dont have. No matter what you look like. No matter how old -or young- you are. No matter what the odds are. NEVER.EVER.GIVE UP.

E. Michelle Lee
E. Michelle Lee  (almost 5 years ago)

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