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Dizzy at the Wheel

On Friday, a little after midnight.. my son and his girlfriend were coming back from Carls Jr. when they were T-Boned by a drunk driver. My son was driving. The car was totaled and the passenger side door was caved 3 feet into his Pontiac Grand Am. My son and his girlfriend were both hospitalized and suffered major injuries. My son has fractured ribs, a lacerated liver and a bruised lung. His girlfriend - who suffered the brunt of the impact - has broken ribs, a broken hip, a lacerated liver, a broken pelvis and a punctured lung. Neither of them are missing any arms, legs, fingers or toes.. no skull damage, they are both fully coherent and their brains are functioning normally. Both of them are in some pain but are okay, praise GOD ALMIGHTY. It could've been much worse. If you are under the influence of alcohol, please don't be one of the ignorant, selfish ones who believe you are not 'drunk enough' to have to leave your car where it is or have somebody else drive. You could end up killing someone, & odds are, it wouldn't be you. Have some respect and consideration for a life other than your own. My son and his girlfriend are alive. But many others have died due to this idiocy that could have been easily prevented. If you're a friend of a person or people who have been drinking, be a Real friend... don't let your friends drive drunk. Thank You Lord God for protecting my son and his girlfriend Friday night, You are an Amazing God!!!

Open Your Mouth

In Psalm 81:10, the Lord says to open your mouth wide and He will fill it. I remember when I used to be afraid to speak. I hated that kind of attention... used to hold my head down ashamed because I felt ugly. Fear had a tight grip on me... I would sit at the back of my classrooms for fear the teacher would call on me. If you would have told me back then that I would be on stage glorifying God through music, I would have laughed in your face and told you God could NEVER use somebody like me. But look at what the Lord has done!! He pulled me from the back and stood me up in the front... all up IN the spotlight! His perfect Love has cast fear OUT!! This doesn't mean that I don't get nervous before performing, what this means is that God has filled me to overflowing with the confidence and the Grace to do it afraid! When I open my mouth, He Fills It!! He can and will do the same for you.

Don't Trip

Sometimes it gets hard... that day to day grind is no joke. Keep in mind, the Lord never said it would be 'easy'... He did say however that there will be trials & tribulation but to take heart, for He has conquered the world for us. He said that He would harden us to difficulty!! So. no matter what you're going through.. keep your eyes and your heart steadied on Jesus and be Spirit led. His promises are for REAL y'all !! And He can be trusted!! One thing you can count on is Him being faithful... even when we're not. He loves you.. keep ya head up.

Giving and Receiving

When my hand is open to give, my hand is open to receive. Nicole Ari Parker - Megafest 2013

Got Breath?

If you're still breathing - you can still live your dreams. You can write that book, that screenplay or that song. You can start that business, you can find that right woman - or that right man can find you! As long as you're alive - so is hope. As long as you're in Christ - your victory is guaranteed... I am living proof!