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Sonic Derp / Blog


You may read it at http://sonicderp.webs.com It is in big big text, even an awesome individual with a visual impairment will read it with ease. :D

New album details revealed!

Oi! Foist off, this album has a title... it is called Fuhgeddaboudit. It will be released sometime in March. Hopefully the same day Cannibal releases their 12th amazing album. So it'll be March 13th. BUT I cannot make any promises about this. I do wanna record this album at super sonic speed, that's the Sonic Derp way. Here is the artwork for Fuhgeddaboudit: http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii602/sonicderp/fuhgeddaboudit.png

I will give y'all the complete tracklisting as soon as possible. Here's what will be on it so far... not in any order:

1. Sonic Rainboom of Doom 2. Sonic and Tails Battle Eggman 3. Ghost is the Best Radio Host Ever 4. Peter Pan Has a Camel Toe

More details about this new album:

3 out of 4 songs were written by me. One was written by Kevin. I'm gonna churn out more songs. Hopefully there will be about 15-23 songs on this album. Most of them clocking in around 1-2 minutes. There will be one or two songs that will be over 2 minutes and 30 seconds long.

I'm gonna attempt to make the guitar sound tighter and better. There will be leads thrown in as well. That'll make Sonic Derp sound better on recordings anyway.


Kevin wrote a new song

Kevin has wrote a new song. He has written several songs in the past, but many never really made it. This song is really interesting song and I'm sure some of you may get a kick out of it when it is complete. I'm not gonna disclose any more info, I want this to be a surprise.

We sold a demo!

This is definitely newsworthy! Thank you for selling a demo, Kevin! We will sell more. They are $3. Sorry I can't figure out a way to set up the PayPal stuff so you Internet fans may buy one. It's exclusively sold in the Rockland/Orange County area.

Official website and new album details!

Hey hey Sonic Derpers! This is Mick and I'm gonna let you in on the latest Sonic Derp news.

The official website is looking mighty swell. You ought to check it out. It's better than before. http://sonicderp.webs.com Yeah, I'm sure you'll like. It needs to be tweaked here and there. It's not exactly perfect (yet). It'll be a great website. Right now it's a decent website. There's nothing fancy schmancy about it at all. OK maybe some weird HTML codes are in there, but that's about it.

I already wrote a new song. It's gonna be on a future album, I hope. It is tentatively titled Sonic and Tails Battle Eggman. There's gonna be many songs written about Sonic and company. We also plan on writing songs about cartoons, bronies, the Illuminati, religion, etc. These are going to be quite controversial songs, some of the songs may offend. Many of Kevin's lyrics will be used for new songs. I wanna get an album out super fast. This time the songs will be a bit longer... however we'll thrown in a few songs that clock in at under 2 minutes. Yeah, it'll be independently released. I'm gonna make sure there's over 100 copies of it. Yeah, stay tuned for that.

A new news blog entry will be written soon on details about the album. Later! - Mick


The demo is out! It is only 3 measly bucks... Kenny McCormick would be able to afford it! I'm really serious on that... just $3 USD is all we ask. Is that so much to ask? I think not.

So far it is limited to 10 copies... if there if there is any demand for it... more will be made. I really intend on passing these on to as many labels as I can think of... Metal Blade, Universal, Sony, Decca.... whatever. I dunno, I'd like to see what happens.

For a complete tracklisting of the demo... go here: http://sonicderp.webs.com/derpdemo.htm

Contact us... sonicderp@gmail.com if you're ultra-mega serious about purchasing one. We'll see what we can do.

Exciting stuff going on!

We found a new drummer, his name is Igbert Baez. He's a truly talented drummer. He definitely has chops. I know he's going to rock the place! Rock the place! Who's gonna rock the place? Ig, of course! You better recognize! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

The demo is officially out today. Five have been made so far. More will be made. I hope we have over 300 of 'em. We will pass these on record labels. Hopefully something good comes out of that. I really really hope so. I have a gut feeling that we are going places and we're gonna do it at super sonic speed! You just watch! We are the next big thing. You naysayers can go sit on it if you disagree! SIT ON IT!

Igbert, Kevin and I will be rocking this world. We are going to work as hard as possible. We are the hardest working new band out there. We take pride in what we do. We're gonna seal a real incredible muthafuckin' deal.

More photos coming soon!

There will be more photos! You will see Cesar in the next batch of photos! They will be uploaded here, the official website and on Last.fm. These photos are gonna be really sweet and I know you're gonna like (even love) 'em! I hope so! I'm a super cute and sexy guy. 8) - Mick

Songs we intend on covering

We plan on covering these songs:

1 Hang the Pope by Nuclear Assault

We hate the Pope. "HANG THAT FAT FUCK!" as someone I used to know would say... god whatever happened to him?!?!!??! Anyway.... this is a simplistic straight forward short & fast diddy that should get a lot of plays. This will be the first song we will ever cover.

2. Pizza Pie by Phil Irwin

It was written by Jules Helzner and Donald Young. It's a totally obscure rock 'n' roll song from the 1950's. I'm not entirely sure if I'll be using my death metal vocals for this one, I might be using my clean vocals (I sound angelic when I sing really really good...........) for this one. I have no idea.

3. Paranoid by Black Sabbath

We're all pretty much capable of playing this classic heavy metal song. Yeah, no explanation needed.

4. Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen

Sodom covered this song. We shall cover it better! End of story.

Well... that will be the first four songs we'll cover. I know 2 out of 4 are definitely gonna be covered... Hang the Pope and Paranoid. As for the other 2... I'm not too sure.

Productive and busy

I'm more productive than ever with this band. I'm making more progress with this band and I like it! We will be releasing a 12 song demo on February 7th. I am excited about this!

I really wish Feefer would have gone this far... lemme tell ya, if this Sonic Derp band goes places and then miraculously my former bandmate/lover comes back to me and wants to be in a band with me again... I will probably make Sonic Derp no more, TRY to persuade Pat and I to continue Feefer AND Kevin Monahan will be our 3rd member. Kevin'll be the 2nd guitarist.

ACTUALLY... another idea pops up... Pat is the bassist (he just only provide his bass tracks via the Internet) AND then Kevin is the back-up/live bassist.... then in the future (I'm talking about 2015 or 2016)... Pat may be able to do Feefer with me face-to-face. I dunno if Kevin will be around those years. I'm not 100% sure... then again I'm not sure with Pat either. It would be a lot to mean a lot to me if Feefer came back.

The big reasons why Pat will object to continuing Feefer... the unnecessary-shitty-over-the-top negative comments from schmucks we should have never been friends in the first place AND then the various trolls on Last.fm who would troll the Feefer Last.fm page. I know he has bad memories... BUT I vowed that I would get Feefer away from that overly negative stuff.

Anyway... I don't want to break my heart even more... Sonic Derp is going to be my main focus. I want to see where Sonic Derp goes... that's that! - Mick/Devin