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Sonic Derp / Blog

Possible EP Title Change

I'm probably going to have to change the title of the EP. I'm not 100% satisfied with it (geez whenever AM I SATISFIED?!?!?), so I'm gonna change it. To what? I dunno... something tells me that this EP title and the artwork for it is not too good. However, it's done. So... hmm... I'm also not too satisfied with the tracklisting. There's some leftover songs. Those leftovers will be placed somewhere else. I have no idea! I got time to think this through. - Mick

UPDATE: Forget that... I'm probably going to keep the title! Yes and I mean it!

Liberace Would Love This

Why is it called that? I have no idea... it's just random, eccentric, cute and gay (all 3 definitions, but not "ghey"). The album title has very little do to with the songs that will be on this EP. I do not know if this EP will be released. A release date will be officially announced somewhere down the line. Here's the artwork for this though: http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii602/sonicderp/liberacewouldlovethis.png

I will confirm to y'all that the songs that will appear on this EP so far... and this is not the official tracklisting...

1. Arcade at the Mall Sucks 2. Hell in a Rubinstein Foundation 3. Snooki 4. Biggie Smalls Rocks The House

Those are done and completed. Ah I love DIY.. don't you?

A new EP in the works

Oh before I get into this... Roarey Raccoon is willing to draw an album cover for Prower! No more news on Prower and I'll keep you posted on this. We have recorded enough albums for now anyway and we're not going to work on that. That's a lot of hard work and coming up with clean, fun, work-safe and parent approved lyrics is not going to be easy. The instrumentation is a piece of cake... but the lyrics are going to be extremely tough. Not my style! However, I'm up for a challenge. I love challenges... ok and I'm rambling!

We are going to focus on this one EP we're going to release sometime in early May... or in late April! It depends on how quick things go. That's if we get it done in time. This is an unofficial title for the EP, "Woah, That's Cool" It will contain these new songs:

1. Arcade at the Mall Sucks 2. Hell in a Rubenstein Foundation 3. Biggie Smalls Rocks The House 4. Snooki

Oh and credit goes to Gary "Anubis" Bowman for Snooki. Artwork will follow soon. I do not know if the EP will be titled "Woah, That's Cool"... but for now, we'll call it that. There's quite a few songs that are waaaaay out there. Wait until you listen to the new songs I have not mentioned. It'll be pretty cool! You will not be disappointed. I tried to sound like Otto from The Simpsons on one of the songs... I'm extremely excited about these new songs.

Tails Concept Album?

We are really thinking about releasing a concept album about Sonic's 2-tailed fox kit Miles "Tails" Prower. It's quite possible the album cover artwork will be done by Roarey Raccoon. He is the admin of the best message board in the world, SSMB (Sonic Stadium Message Board). I would love to see what he creates. That's if he's willing to do it! I already contacted him about this and I'll let you know what he says!

Musically, it's going to be a bit diverse... but it's going to contain our brand of heavy metal mixed in with punk rock. It's not going to be all death/punk... it's going to feature other styles (within the realm of rock 'n' roll) . The intro track will feature Tails talking to myself and Kevin Monahan. It's going to be a great intro track. That's going to be easy to make and that will be the first track that will be uploaded...

After that is done, I'm going to do as much research on Tails as I possibly can. Official, true, legit, neutral info about Tails. No Sontails lyrics, no Tails out-of-character or anything that will offend "Tails Fans" Yeah... XFox Prower capitalizes the F... why? Don't ask why... we are indeed Tails Fans and we are going to make a concept album about him. I hope it will be cool and it's going to rock. We're gonna make sure it's over 20 minutes! Yeah, but we can't make any promises on that.

I'll tell you the truth (the truth should not hurt!!!)... I have a low attention span, that's why there's songs under 2 minutes. I don't know if I'm capable of creating songs that are over 5 minutes long. We're not Opeth or Dream Theater... sorry! Don't get me wrong, those bands are amazing as heck... sadly... due to my attention span, I cannot listen to these bands...

Alright, I'm rambling. But that's not the point... the point is that we are going to release a Tails concept album. When? I do not know and I will tell you all in the near future. Later!

Third album complete!!!!

This is probably one of the most important announcements this month! Our album The Depth of Your Mind will be released April 20, 2012. This is 20 minutes long and there's 10 songs. I guess on average, we have albums that are 20 minutes long. An average person's attention span is able to absorb stuff for 20 minutes. Well here ya go! We had a lot of fun recording this!

The official tracklisting:

1. Trampled by Bums 2:13 2. I'm Fat 3:09 3. Tails is Hyper 1:46 4. Safety and Protection 2:39 5. Spraying You With My M16 1:33 6. Intolerant Towards Religion 1:17 7. Jesus Christ Does Not Exist 1:28 8. Desecrating Houses of Worship 2:05 9. Fight With Christians 2:16 10. Kill Religion 2:20

The first half has funny, controversial and non-sensical type of songs. The second half is a barrage of anti-religious songs. I tried to push the boundaries... I really did. I hope y'all enjoy this! It is for free on Last.fm ASAP and then it gets released April 20, 2012 on BandCamp.

The latest on Sonic Derp!

Sonic Derp is working a bit hard on our 3rd album. We do not know when this will get released. It's gonna be pretty quick, that's all I know. There should be 11 songs on this. I was aiming for 23 (one of my lucky numbers), but I think that's a wee bit too much. It would be quite interesting if we do indeed release something with that many tracks. I would like that. It would be pretty gnarly.

What else? Death to Xians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, etc. All the bad religions causing all the harm, brainwashing and conformity in this world. We hope you all die extremely quickly. I hope people will come to their senses and be good. You are on the evil side, you people! YES, YOU PEOPLE! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

END THE FED! The Fed is killing the United States of America. The Federal Reserve must end and it needs to end fast. It is hindering the U.S.

- Mick

The Depth of Your Mind: art, info and more!

HERE IS THE ALBUM COVER ART: http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii602/sonicderp/depthofyourmind.png The Depth of Your Mind is our third album. I put some extra thought into this title. The 2nd album required thought for quite some time, but this album title was a bit hard to come up with. This album is half-done... 6 songs are almost done, I have to do some editing to the songs and stuff like that. Yeah! I'm doing this on my own... DIY FTW!!!!!!! Yeah! An official tracklisting and official release date will follow shortly. This album will be released on Last.fm and Bandcamp. It goes on Bandcamp first and then it get released on Last.fm. We are very very excited about this new album. Some of the songs on here are waaaaaay out there. No Sonic song! :( I am sorry to announce that there is not one song about Sonic... but WAIT, yeah.... the re-recording of Tails is Hyper. No brand new Sonic song though..... :( Maybe on the fourth album there will be more Sonic songs... I do not know at this point in time. I'm almost experiencing mega-super-ultra-extreme writer's block. I hope it doesn't kick in any time soon... Later d00ds and d00dettes. - Mickey Bynes

YES! A third album!!!!!!!!

I will report that there will be a brand new album. It has no title as of right now. I am thinking it might be our self-titled album. BUT! I want an ultra creative title that deserves to be out there (example, our 2nd album... Awesomus Bonerificus)... I will promise you that I will make a final and permanent decision on April 10, 2012. This album should be 20+ minutes like the last one and maybe 30...we aim for 20+ minutes.

Here is the tracklisting for this new album so far:

1. Intolerant Towards Religion 2. Jesus Christ Does Not Exist 3. Kill Religion 4. Safety and Protection 5. Spraying You With My M16 6. Fight With Christians 7. Desecrating Houses of Worship 8. Tails Is Hyper (Album Version) 9. Trampled by Bums

OH! And for other songs... which might or might not make it on the new album. This is not made up, by the way... not for the lulz.... here's more that may get your adrenaline pumping! Shadow the Hedgedog, Sonic Kills Fred Phelps, Find the Computer Room, Ron Paul Wins, infinite possibilities as far as songs go.. yup! Just ideas for now! Later!

New album on the way?

There's probably going to be another album coming your way. This shall be our third and final album of this year. We have no idea what to do next. It's sad that around in this pitiful area of the world that there's no sufficient space to rehearse and/or jam and to play shows. It's really pathetic and sad. What can ya do? Oh well! We will make one album for this year and then we don't know what the future holds. I have no idea what the next album will be titled at this point. I know that my vocals will sound radically different on this album. You better believe it! More on this potential new album later! Later, dudes, dudettes and its. :P - Mick

This layout is so confusing...

I totally hate it when websites have a layout that works perfectly for me and then they have to change it. Am I cursed or what? I dunno... I'm really not liking this new design at all. I'm gonna send this as feedback here. Anyway... no important Sonic Derp news to report. - Mick