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New band name: Bleeding Torment

I never liked the band name (not to mention it's not so metal and we got removed from the Metal Archives too, but thank you to whoever did this... that band page was a bloody mess and the unnecessary vandalism that happened, I'm glad I did not read that bollocks) to be honest and was not liking the direction Sonic Derp was going in. We are going by as Bleeding Torment as of today. We will also be going in a slightly different direction (we're going to be more progressive and technical). That's that and a link to our new ReverbNation page will be up. I have created a YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/BleedingTorment) for the time-being. Unfortunately someone else took the name on ReverbNation (and the person put no music... way to go.... what a waste) so the URL will be something like BleedingTormentOfficial... We hope to get new music up ASAP.

What? A new update?!

Hey F.A.T. It's been a while since I posted news on here. OK a lot has been going on at the Sonic Derp camp. We have a full-time guitarist (her name is Jawzhellyn Reyes), I decided to step down from guitar, but I'll still do some guitar work occasionally. I'm a bit apprehensive with my way of playing, I might get tunnel carpal syndrome. Well, better safe than sorry! GarageBand can't handle my speed either and so I'm hoping to get new software in the future or if I ever get the money... we all record in a studio. We'll see.

What's the scoop on the first album? Well we got one song that's half-done... it is titled Giving A Derp. If you are a real fan on our Facebook page, you might have read the lyrics. We have already have End the Fed (Demo) and another demo track is in the works. Now I'm starting to think about renaming this first album. I'm not sure, but something will be negotiated and comprised with the rest of the band members. I'm a 99.9% sure it will be still be called Peace. Love. Liberty. Prosperity.. Release date is unknown at this time. At this rate, expect it to be released in early 2013.... but I am gunning for a 2012 release. I hope so!

More news... I intend on releasing a 38 song compilation (I decided to call it Fuhgeddaboudit which was the title to our pseudo first album) featuring songs that are on here, SoundCloud and BandCamp. I just need to improve the songs and stuff like that. A new blog entry will be posted next month containing a link to this compilation, it will be $0 (free, derp). I will also include this link in a status on SSMB (Sonic Stadium Message Board). Yes, I still go on there freedom fighters... :P I guess this compilation will serve as a teaser for the upcoming album. Here's the catch... it will only be up for a limited time. If you're cool enough to download it in time, kudos to you!

I've decided a few of those songs will be recorded again for the first album. Songs like I'm Fat, Elbows and Milk and Tails is Hyper (with brand new friendly lyrics, I'm not going to include the famous "one, two fuck you" line lol and improved instrumentation).

Anything else? NO DRAMA! Please and thank you. That's it. Rock on! - Mick

Derp Demo

Here is the tracklisting for Derp Demo.

1. You Are All Diseased 2. Tails is Hyper 3. Burning Mortals 4. Vote for Ron Paul 5. Mungo 6. Sonic Saves the Day 7. Dedicated to Tank the Cat* 8. Morbid Destruction** 9. Knuckles Protects the Master Emerald** 10. Journey to Mobius** 11. Eggman's Great Fall** 12. Powerful Scythe**

*Available on physical copies and available on ReverbNation (if you join our mailing list). **Available on physical copies only.

Releases are not releases

I would like to point out that anything after the Derp Demo is unofficial, unsanctioned and unauthorized. Those tracks will exist... but we may permanently delete a few that are not so great. Whatever is readily available on our sites, those are just individual tracks. They're not singles. They're gonna be on a possible box set in the waaaaaaay future. We are hard at work on a real legit and truly awesome album. Fuhgeddaboudit to Liberace Would Love This are not official. No physical copies were made... only for the band and our friends/fans we know personally might have them. Actually, one Fuhgeddaboudit CD was made... but it's lost and I cannot find it. Kevin has it... then he has a couple CDs that have the rest of our tracks. We have 66 songs in total (as of July 18, 2012)... but more will be made! Those tracks found on those unofficial releases will stay with us and our close friends/fans. Some of those tracks will never be uploaded on the Internet ever again. I know which ones not to upload. Anyhow... that's that. Derp Demo is our only release as of now (this was written July 18, 2012, 11:37 PM EST). If some of you Internet fans were lucky enough to download our unsanctioned albums on Last.fm... cool for you! But I hate to break it to you, those are not official. I changed my mind, they will not be on our official site for you to download. When we get our first legit release done, then we'll upload it to the masses. Yeah... I just wanted to confirm and clarify that for you all. Stay FAT! - Mick

Woah, crazy sheeeeit!

Hey hey FAT! It has been a long time since I wrote something here! A personal problem occurred, but I'm confident that to say it's dead ( and sadly unresolved definitively, for now)... Anyhow! We are going to release our first legit album called Peace. Love. Liberty. Prosperity. No official website anymore (because of that personal problem)... we have a new one in the works and we hope to unveil it sometime later in the year. We pulled down almost everything after Derp Demo. Those are not really legit releases, but they will be released again when we get our new website up and running. Anything else that needs to be reported? Prower is not going to get released anytime ever. Fuck it. However, I didn't say it's never going to get released. Never say never (like that boidy said in An American Tail)! Anyhow, that's enough of that. Later FAT!

Even more news on Prower (Tails concept album)!

This release is going to take a lot of time, effort, thought, creativity, perseverance and patience. I will you tell that right off the bat. If you don't know (why are you even a fan of us?), Prower is the last name of Sonic's sidekick who appeared in Sonic 2 all the way back in 1992. I thought it would be highly original and cool for a heavy metal band to dedicate a whole album for this cute 2-tailed fox. I won't lie, Macabre gave me this idea. They did a concept album about Jeffrey Dahmer and titled Dahmer. Of course, this concept album will not be a parody of Macabre's Dahmer. There might be some overtones of it, but not too much. I am going to keep it original and fun. Better? I don't know, you may be the judge of that. I don't think it'll be better than Dahmer or any other concept album. Equal? Who knows!

I am certain that this will be G-PG... I promise there will be no sex references, no drug references, fictional information, you get the gist... I am going to have use what I know already based on the video games. Archie Comics info or Sonic TV series info? Maybe... but I doubt it. It's going to focus on what you'll find here: http://www.concept-mobius.technoguild.com/index.php/in-depth-character-profiles/the-main-crew/66-a-two-tailed-whiz-kid-with-great-potential

Now imagine what you read above and what we will record based on that info. I'm not going to use all of that info and write lyrics based on all of that info. No way! Too overwhelming for me, I don't think I can handle that.

I'm going to try to make this album over an hour long. That's right! My musical ability has evolved over time and I believe it is time for me to actually record major league metal songs. I'm pretty serious about this. Perhaps it'll be a double disc album? I don't know, that's a bit excessive.

Expect this album to be dropped any time between 2014-2016. Uhh... yeah... I know that might be a long time for you all, but this will require what I mentioned in the first sentence of this news/blog entry. And it might be a double disc album since it's going to take a long time.

I have no more info to give you at this time. I'm actually skeptical that I will go through with this album. However, the release date is years from now. I'll let you all know if I'm going to seriously go through with it or just abort the idea. It's likely I will abort the idea since there may be a copyright issue thing involved. I don't know... I think Sonic Derp the band name may be an issue. So for no cease and desist letter... thank non-existent god for that!

I have nothing more to report. This band is taking a break for quite a while. We are not going to record more songs this year (not that I know of... maybe expect a surprise on December 21, 2012). I'll let you know if it's something Sonic Derp will release or something I'll release myself made by myself or even with another project. Who knows! Wow... longest news blog ever. Later! - Mick

No real news

Umm... yeah, an update for y'all. We played our first gig together. Only Kevin and I, we just made up one song off the spot live on the radio. We performed at the Nyack Village Theatre (it may be spelled the other way, I'm used to spelling it the old English way). It was pretty cool, I guess. I don't know what else to write down...

Oh yes, Kevin will be away for a few days. So no more new songs or live shows in quite some time. I'm just living my life the way I want it and it's going great. It could be better, but I'm just doing fine...

Anything else to report? Nope. I gotta be careful... some things I can say and some things I can't. I have no idea...

News for ya!

Look for a new song... a possible interview... and a compilation with our best songs. That compilation will be circulated to record labels and friends only. I'll keep ya posted on that.

I do not know what else is going on right now with Sonic Derp at this moment in time. OK! A demo, 3 full-length albums and an EP within the span of 3 months or something? Yeah, it's quite a feat. I'm not 100% sure where this band is going at all at this point.

We unfortunately can't play any live shows right now. I know that for a fact, but I will not get into it. There's this real major extreme dick who is calling me for no reason, because he's bored, has nothing to do and he's trying to break me! No way, stay away you idiotic bully! I mean, Jesus cunting Christ... leave me the fuck alone! I know who this prick is, his name is not newsworthy at all. I will not bother mentioning this fuck's name. No and I am not sorry for posting your full name in any of the statuses. You are suffering from a fucked up case of boredom. Shut the fuck up you immature, irresponsible, ignorant and incompetent idiot!

I know who is the main person behind this insanity towards me. I will not mention them, totally not newsworthy.

Anyhow, that's pretty much it. I have nothing else to say here. - Mick

Release date for new EP

I'm probably gonna get this out there by May 11 or May 15 at the latest... I'm gonna shoot for May 11. The sooner the better! That's all. - Mick

Progression of Sonic Derp

Before I start this off... thank you for your support, thank you for all the things you're able to do with our music. We highly appreciate it. It means a ton to me. It seems like it was yesterday when I formed Sonic Derp. It was sometime in late January 2012. It's the beginning of May and it's my my birthday month. It was only just Kevin and I. One of my best memories was when Kevin and I (as friends and bandmates) ventured to Letchworth Village and we got a couple of photos from there. That's one of my best memories out of my memories. Then Kevin told me Igbert knew how to play drums, that was like in early-mid February.

I really really hope we'll perform gigs. However, Igbert does not have his own drum set. His house is not the best place to jam, he has no sound proof room in his house. If that was the case, we'd set a day to practice, rehearse and jam. That'd make me happy and then we'd be able to perform gigs. Another thing, I don't think Kevin has a big enough bass amp to perform with live.

I magically and miraculously have a big enough amp and even my own PA for my vocals. You know there's many new bands with a vocalist/guitarist who might not even own a PA at all... I do! I'm very very lucky I do.

We are going to release one more thing. We're going the extra mile. Yeah, the third album was originally going to be our last... but I decided that an EP had to be made. Then I'm gonna compile leftovers and/or our regular songs... make a compilation and send them out to as many record labels I'm capable of thinking of. Underground labels and even major labels.

Yeah, that's all I have to say. Please! Send us mail. sonicderp@gmail.com We would love to hear from you! Send us a direct message on ReverbNation. Thank you! - Mick Bynes