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My audition for "The Voice" in NYC 3/11/12

I went to my audition for "The Voice" this past Sunday at 7am. It was quite an experience. I got up at 5am to head to NYC. I waited in the cold for 2 hours to get inside the Javitz Center. Then I waited over 2 hours to sing. The staff at "The Voice" was very nice overall, friendly and welcoming. I did not advance to the next round- my audition was o.k.- even I would admit it was not my best. The nerves k...icked in when I least expected it and I rushed through my song. But as the very nice judge said "if you don't make it in this time, keep going and try again". And I will. Even if I don't get on "The Voice" I want to prove to myself that I can do what I consider my best no matter what the pressure. What I gained yesterday was increased determination and mental and physical stamina. When I got there and saw 300 people or more on line at 7am I wanted to turn around and go right back home. And as I stood in the cold shivering and jumping around to keep warm, my bed kept beckoning me at my home. I have seen this same scene so many times on time before, but never had the courage myself to be one of those people-until yesterday. And finally, I gained a greater awareness of what areas I need to work on to improve as a singer. I am glad I didn't surrender to fear and pressed on. My journey continues.

Extreme Dream
Extreme Dream  (over 5 years ago)

Sorry to hear you didn't make the cut on the Voice.
Why don't you try getting on Duets. That might work for you.

What makes a GREAT Singer?

Something that I have been considering alot lately is what makes a singer great as opposed to just good? I strive to be a great singer and watch those that I feel are great.I would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a singer great. Share with me :)

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I have also recorded live song performances & Karaoke tracks. Due to copyright/ownership issues I have not posted those songs on ReverbNation. Go to myspace.com/yolandasvoice to hear some of my past recordings!!

So Much love here

I signed up to ReverbNation to provide a better site for my fans. I never realized I would gain so many new fans and become a fan to so many great artists myself. Wow!!

Hello Reverb Nation!!!

Hi, Just getting going on here. It seems awesome. Getting so much support while I'm setting up my page. The possibilties seem endless. So many talented folks are here. Glad to join you all!!!!!