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Video ready!

Yes, the new video is ready and realeased! Ballad # 17294. You can see it right here in the Reverbnation player or from my Reverbnation profile page. It is also available on Youtube. Just search for me (Riaan Eloff) or the song (Ballad # 17294) and you should be able to find it quite easily.

More stores live!

Napster and iTunes also now stocks my album online. It took a while for it all to go live, but hey, there it is!

Woo hoo! Finally available at the digital stores!

Hi all, I just got some GREAT NEWS!! My music is now available at Amazon.com. It took a while, but YAY!, it's there now. It should also be available soon via iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and Napster. Apparently it takes several weeks before the stuff is "live". So far Amazon is, the rest will probably follow suit quite soon. If you haven't purcahsed the album yet, or maybe want to give someone a nice Christmas gift, do so now! Have a peek at Amason. Oh yes, and don't forget: the album has always been, and is still available from my website directly as well. www.piano-by-riaan.co.za Cheers all

Radio Interview

Tonight (21:00 South African time) I am taking part in an interview on Radio South Africa (www.radiosuidafrika.com). Looking forward to it!

Video shoot completed...YES!

Ah, so finally the 30th arrived. This morning Corné, Jacques and I completed the filming for the video of Ballad. Quite nice fun! Excited to see the final product, the guys at Patmos will let me know how soon it will be done...then I'll let you folks know.

Video shoot started today

Woohoo! Today we started the filming of the video for "Ballad # 17294". We'll be continuing on October 30th. Exciting biting! Will keep you all "posted" ;-)

Videos available soon!

This morning I had a meeting with the folks from Patmos Studios. We just confirmed the video shoot for "Ballad # 17294" to start next week Wednessday! We'll probably be shooting Wednessday, Thrusday and Friday. Look out for the videos to be available soon! After this one we'll be doing "Love in the rain" as well as "Affections".

In the digital stores!

Today I signed up for ReverbNation's Digital distribution. This means that within a few weeks the first album (Piano by Riaan Volume 1) will be available on iTunes, Amazon.com and many of the other sites where one can purchase music for download. I'll keep you folks informed of when the album actually goes live on these sites.