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Times Have Changed..

times are getting tough, the same people i use to call my mains... are slowly disapperaing in my life.. its me against the world... the only people that understand me and my love of music are the ones im doing it for. im giving females and lost ones a voice... and until that voice is hurd all over the world. i will not stop. - @RealCecie


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Delouisnal POEM


He says that people who live In their dreams better get A picture of reality I say sorry im wise And my dreams are reality We doctor on peoples mines Then there body catches up slow They think it’s just a fairy tale And people who live in it don’t know But I think it shows me signs Gives me wisdom Makes me stronger To live in this reality The reality that many can not Believe in Your Powers, trust no one Have faith, Put a smile on Our dreams Or reality is gunna Make us all strong!! Dealing Everybody’s Lives Unlike Some Interpret On Never ending Apparent Lives