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Welcome to our page "Armament"

Aloha Troops!

Welcome to the blog of "Armament" Eastern CT's Heaviest thrash metal band that strives to replenish the metal scene and purge all of the cookie cutter core bands.

This band is here to give you the truth, to exploit the lies told by media, politicians, and all of the globes world leaders,

Sure, core bands can tell you "everything's going to be okey" "don't cut" "If you need a hug I'll give you one."

Yeah Okay.. We're not here to feed you the comfort food bullshit that every one wants to cram into your head.

We're here to be blunt, and cause trauma to those who believe in the "perfect world"

so join up, follow, share, like, fan, any of our pages, come out to shows, grab all your free downloads, follow our youtube page's, and have fun!

We're here to take over, not just to be a stepping stone or a gateway drug into the comfort food music scene, No we're here to be a big fuckin beefy steak amongst the cupcakes that everyone calls "Broot4l"

so what's it gonna be?

Are you going to beef up?

or continue to carry around your man purse and listen to AA ?