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Serve your nature! A Pk Setup By Syn Karnage

Serve Your Nature Pt.1 was created and uploaded by Syn Check It Out and Stay Sic! ... http://www.reverbnation.com/primalkarnage/song/19702055-serve-your-natu...

28 Weeks Later

A disaster since it was meant to be... but an absolute pleasure to create. In a house without a heartbeat

The New Shit

So its time... The new shit arrives and this time its purley based on the horrific aspects of life, and its transition from feeling to action through, well of course, my music. This style derives from a love for video game background music such as Resident Evil, Castlevania, Diablo, and many more... As well it has a strong background based mainly from horror movie music from the early 19th centry to the current era. Favorites would include anything from the evil dead creators as well as the infamous david bowie in the labrynth

Primal Karnage
Primal Karnage  (about 3 years ago)