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Thanks Everyone!

Thanks everyone for joining our fan club and sharing our music. The site is taking off like wildfire! We are getting introduced to artists from all over the world and in all genres. We are listening to some super songs by some awesome artists. This is what music is all about, one big family of artists helping and supporting each other

Having A Ball !!

We are absolutely "Having A Ball" performing and sharing our music with the world. We are a "live show" group to the bone. We thrive on performing, meeting fans and sharing good times with them. There is a magical moment in the live show when you share the pulse and soul of the music with the people in the audience and they share it back with you! It can't be described in words but the shear feeling makes all the hard work and ups and downs of the business worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who supports us and makes it possible for us to continue to play our music.