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Sumerian Records show

So guys... the best of the best of fort worth is competing in a battle of the bands for the chance to be signed to Sumerian Records! We need all your support because it would be awesome to either advance to the final round and/or win the whole thing. Their is going to be so many good bands and it's going to be a great show regardless!

Eyes to the sky!

Forever in your Eyes

Bam Margera Show!

We are so excited to have our first truly large show this Saturday. We have come a long way since we started and are just as proud of our accomplishments since day one. We hope all of the people who have loved and supported us so far make it out on the 24th, we have an extra surprise for all your patience.


The EP is almost ready

For everyone who has been patiently waiting for us to get off our lazy butts and finish this dang thing.. THIS IS YOUR MONTH. We are about halfway done with our EP and it should be released by the end of the month! We are so happy to share our music with you and the world! Stay tuned for more updates Forever in your Eyes