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DOLPHIN 007 sunpearlworld@gmail.com 0033 673 737 420 France 06 73 73 74 20 Hi everybody ! We are deeply into projects and looking for female vocals and some violins ,wave projects and mp3 singles ! Under an equal artist partnership contract ! 50/50 % You can sell the songs anywhere and you own 50 % of the copyrights Electronic Dance & Pop Rock Music


THE COMPLETE ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED IN JULY 2014 ! We keep you posted on the progression of the release ! until than we just released the two opening tracks on a video clip ! ENJOY this is what I do while creating ! Roger

New Album " Solarfire "

Hi to all of our great fans ! We decided to release the Album Solarfire exclusively on Reverbnation.com until we are signed with a Record Company ! You can shop the songs in our Official Store now. Thank you for your wonderful support !!!! We truly love you guys !!!! Dolphin 007

Dolphin 007 /Album "Solarfire "release date 20/01/2014 + 4 weeks I tunes release

Jan 13 2014 We worked hard to put this new album together we called " Solarfire" ! Why solarfire ,yes long story short Solar because we used a lot of solar power to produce this tracks and fire because of the heat it generated during the recordings,arranging and mixing ! Enjoy our second album !!!! Rogerio Mariani from Dolphin 007 Perseverance par excellence because a moments inside is worth much more than a lifetime of experience. ! James Holmes

Dolphin007 Electronic Pop rock Artist and Producer

Independent Music Artist Singer,writer, Photographer Pop Rock, Indi Rock,Digital Artist,Active Sailing Supporter Glénans,r Sea Shepherd Supporter and Captain

The album DOLPHIN007 " Heartbeats " was recorded in the Netherlands on a 10 meter Motor Cruiser Yacht during travel from Amsterdam to Maastricht ! Each track took about 12 hours to produce plus three to five additionel hours of re - mixing .,vocals over,post effects mastering.for each track. We navigated 400 km to complete this Album ,Post production took about three months incl.design works,graphics and finalizing the order of the final title and single tracks and the entire release of the production online. At this stage we are still working on the final proceedures for the promotion of the album ,radio ,press releases,interviews..... Musicians,Singers,Writers,Artists,Producers,Photographers,Designers....... ,Really too much to write a bio ! Like it ,support it, buy it ! That way you decide and make sure we produce a second album after " Heartbeats " This CD is dedicated to the Work of Sea Shepherd, and 60 other worldwide ocean protection societies. Who work for the future of protected,wildlife and sanctuaries in save seas 15 % of the Albums benefits go split-ted int two equal parts to Sea Shepherds Dolphin Campaign in Japan for one part ! The left over part of 7.5 % will go to Sea Shepherd Australia's office to help buying supplies for the Sea Shepherds fleet there !

MAKING MUSIC is lots of WORK ! Thank you for your kind support, we would not be where we are right now without you ! . Roger from Dolphin007