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True making of "Times Are Hard" by Bryant Sterling

= TIMES ARE HARD - The True Story by Bryant Sterling (Copyright TRY AND TRY AGAIN PUB ASCAP 2012) Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 " I just got up and had to write this down about how this song came to be: Dreams, hope - this is what makes the human heart survive. In times of loss and despair we and our souls reach out in the darkness and search with all we have to find light. About a year ago I started to see so much of our country and world "FALLING DOWN" and I did go to a mountain top just over my town in Phoenix, Arizona. After I had just passed by a park, I saw about 20 or more homeless people getting ready to find their places for the night. I knew of my nice home, bed and food just waiting for me. It was very cold that night and I really hurt for those I had seen in the park and the woman on the old gray bike that I met at a filling station that day who asked me for help. She told me that just two years ago she was a CEO of a very big company but they just closed the doors on her one morning as she arrived for work and gave her a box with her life of 23 years in it from being with that company. She went home and packed some things and left her life, husband and two girls behind and had been on the streets since then. As I thought about these things and that's when I wrote this song "TIMES ARE HARD". Later on (about 2 weeks went by) I saw a man that I had seen for years on the streets and he asked me for help. I gave him some money and asked him if he had seen the woman I was talking about and he told me "yes", that she had died about 3 or 4 days ago of a stroke from a drug overdose. My heart sank and I really broke down and said to myself, "It could have just as easily been me". Do not take what you have and think it will always be there because we all live from day to day by God's mercy and our choices. I wish all of you my Brothers and Sisters the best in life but when we turn our backs on each other we turn our backs on ourselves. I hope this gives you some insight as to the real meaning of this song and may God Bless AMERICA to help us to find her again."

-Bryant Sterling