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church bells don't play rock n' roll

Written, arranged, and performed by Mathew Graziano “The Church Bells Don’t Play Rock n’ Roll”

The church bells don't play rock n' roll. At the bake sale for bibles, the food's growing cold. If we're not lookin for answers, we're looking away, sayin, "I'm human, just give me a break." The church bells don't play rock n' roll. Maybe in history, these chimes held control, but here in the garden they're clouds passing by. I'll see you in sunnier skies. It's the smell of the flourescent lights, as if things around here were so perfect and right. So if you're lookin for friends, you can just ride with them, every Sunday to see Jesus Christ. You've seen your old friends find the fold, of capital ventures all plated in gold. You can't help but ask yourself, though you know why, "why don't I just live in the lie?" The church bells don't play rock n' roll. But the venues fill up with the millions of souls, and every night someone finds themselves saved. We're all here, why not give it away? There's guns in the church once again. What if your spirit has no church or sin? But all that you do has them comin for you, it's like "fuck it, just put me down slow." But you've seen what a search light can do. In a cloudy self-loathing, somebody seen through. They showed you the infinite held in your hands, please tell me that you understand. The church bells don't play rock n' roll. They just shake off the dust from the centuries of old, and it's so hard to dance on this cold concrete floor, but don't stop, please give me some more. The bells in your heart play the score, that was written before you were born. It might take some time to get into the song, but soon you'll be singing along. The church bells don't play rock n' roll. But I'd trade off my soul for the one perfect note, that would take us all home, but it doesn't exist, still temptation's too hard to resist.

Big Medicine Gang
Big Medicine Gang  (about 5 years ago)