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4th Demo Album!

it's happening. 3rd demo album almost done recording. 4th demo album almost done being written and ready to record. On the trail to folk-rock superstardom with a vengeance.

Back on the Grind!

Finally Recording the rest of the album. Took some serious R'N'R from digitizing these tunes. Now it's time to finish recording the album...with a vengeance :p

First Single/New Album/Video

First single off of new album, "The Clock Kings." It's called"Stars." Enjoy y'all!!!!!

Mo-Song Mo'Songs!

Happy 2014! Here are more songs and a video for you listening pleasure :)

Another new recording up!!!

Listening to the soothing sounds and take and drift into dream land. shhh.....napping......something, something....napping.....

New Song!!!!!

So i decided to finally record a song i wrote in 2006, yo. An old school jam with some new school flow. Enjoy, internet...

Music Flowing

I'm deep in musical exploration. I have done a few more demos than the ones available so hopefully i will have some time soon to play more shows and such. Tell yo' Friends. check the tunes. Perhaps i will just make the time to play and record more.


I will be recording up a storm and will hopefully have a legit demo for sale by the summer. And then will work on gigging more. so just just sit back and jive yo. jive.