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Summer 2013 - Debut Single "Booze Cruise" to be released, March 12th

To say that 2013 is going to be a big year for Blackjack Billy is an understatement. This year Blackjack Billy is all about more... or should we say "too much too many"?!? Let's put it this way. Before the end of April, the fellas will have released their first single to the world "Booze Cruise" (March 12th - iTunes), filmed an official music video in support of the new single, played over 35 shows in 3 different time zones, travelled over 15,000 miles from Florida to Montana, recorded 8 new songs, and still made time to play their beloved Golden Tee. I'm thinking there will be a Red Bull sponsorship soon! All the work still doesn't feel like work to Noll Billings. "Its what we do. We love it! Couldn't imagine doing anything else." And that is just the Spring. Summer is bringing Nashville's most exciting live show to several new cities and the anticipation is clearly mounting. "With each show we are seeing it grow. The fans have been unbelievable in their support and that just fuels our fire!" says Rob Blackledge. The guys seem especially excited about releasing their first single, "Booze Cruise" to iTunes and satellite radio March 12th. "Its the perfect summer anthem," say producer and guitarist Jeff Coplan. "We wanted to put it out there just as spring break and summer were hitting. I mean who doesn't want a 'redneck margarita' when its 95 degrees out?!?" says Jeff referring to a lyric from "Booze Cuise". The line sings, "I wanna mix you up a redneck margarita, you know the one, just straight tequila!" Touring in support of a single is what drummer Brad Cummings is looking forward too. "Having a song out there gets people excited. I'm definitely ready to hit the road and raise some hell." And as for bassist Patrick Cornell, "Let's do this. We're just getting started." True. Blackjack Billy isn't going anywhere but up.

Debut single "Booze Cruise" will be available for download from iTunes on March 12th. Go on and get some.


Blackjack Billy teams with Ontourage Management

Yesterday the boys grabbed their pens and finalized a deal with Ontourage Management's Tony Conway. "We are pumped to be teaming up with such a well respected and hard working group of people. Tony is excited. We're excited!"


Get Some BJB

Like a carefully formulated recipe Blackjack Billy is slowly brewing up all the pieces needed to launch these guys into the stratosphere of country music stardom. A small but pivotal step was taken today when the boys announced the release of their online merchandising store hosted by Soundwave Merchandising.(http://www.soundwavemerch.com/blackjack_billy/)

With stylish t-shirts readily available and the promise of more hoodies, hats, and accessories to come, Rob and Noll were excited to be giving the fans what the fans have been asking for. MERCH!!! The store can be accessed from the duo's website, www.blackjackbilly.com

Along with the webstore, BJB posted several new photos from their recent Nashville show on Reverbnation and Facebook.

Seems there's always something brewing in the Blackjack Billy club.

BJB in Missouri

4 days. 3 nights. 8 hours. All Blackjack Billy. And it appears the great state of Missouri couldn't get enough! The boys started last Wednesday night in Columbia, MO at the best mid-size venue that area has to offer, MOJO's. Needless to say, Mojo's learned their lesson when I was informed that they had in fact RUN OUT OF BEER!!! The problem quickly resolved with a B double E double R-U-N, we finished out the night around midnight after the boys played two hour and a half sets. I really didn't think it could get better. But St. Louis proved me wrong. A packed house at Pat's Bar and Grill kept the party going well past midnight. BJB didn't stop at 2 sets... the masses wanted more, and they got it! At one point I couldn't help but notice the generosity of the fans piling up on stage in the form of drinks...lots of them. Night 3. The Boat House. On of my favorite venues. I must say the intimate crowd saw the guys play one of the best shows I've heard. Perfect harmonies. Good energy and lots of smiles all around. To top it off there was a bonfire, some fishing, and rain on a tin roof once we finally called it quits. Cherry on top!

Rob and Noll will have just a few days off (full of rehearsals and writing) before heading south to Madison, Mississippi to play for Rob's hometown crowd for the first time at Georgia Blue. With several more shows in the books for February, we are just getting started!

BJB to sing National Anthem

Please stand and remove your caps, the boys are about to do this right. We all love America and never more so than when we are singing along to the best anthem on the planet! The guys in Blackjack Billy will be giving it a rip on February 18th at Belmont University's Women's homecoming game. This being the first time (but not the last) the fellas are doing the honors, its safe to say there will be some nerves. "We got the call from Doug [Howard] who asked us if we would be interested in singing the Anthem and if so, 'did we kill it?'. Rob and I looked at each other and said, 'Well... let's give a it a go.' That was that." -Noll "Yeah I'll be nervous but it will be fun to go back to my school and represent them as an alumni." -Rob Its going to be a big weekend. Their first Nashville show of the year on Friday the 17th, followed by their first Anthem of the year on the 18th. Looks like so far 2012 is a year of firsts!


Blackjack Billy will hit the road next week starting in Billings home state of Missouri. The boys are excited about their full set of dates in the coming month. "I love the road. Period. Seeing fans react to what we work so hard to create is the payoff for me." -Rob After Missouri the fellas head south to Mississippi before hitting Nashville and Virginia. All shows, save Nashville, will be acoustic. But don't worry... the full band furry of Blackjack Billy will be making its way to your city soon. "We've got a couple full band dates booked for April right now. As things grow we'll have the band out more and more... its the way the music should be heard." - Noll Needless to say 2012 looks bright for Nashville's newest duo. I'm hopping on this bandwagon while there's still room.