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Normally my least favorite time of the year. But this year, I am shutting in and writing, writing, and writing. It's an exciting time for me. I set many goals for myself and the band this year and am happy to say that through your love, energy, and support, all of them were exceeded. Next year (I feel like I am always saying this) will be TWR's biggest year of all. I expect many great festival appearances, new singles, a new EP, as well as a trip out West and to the UK! Thank you for sharing in all of this with me. You can see Jeff Grable and I November 22nd at Black Bear in Morgantown starting at 6:30. Much love and blessings to you. Christopher TWR

Positive Thoughts

Folks, today the only thing ever-present on our minds is the recovery of our percussionist Paul Hare. He recently fell while hiking at a park near his home in Maryland. Paul is an essential and driving force behind the fresh and powerful new material of TWR. His style has also given new life to tunes that laid dormant for several years. We have canceled a few dates due to his absence and ask that you join us for the shows that he will not be able attend until after a month or so. We hope to have him back by Flood City August 3rd, but that will be miraculous as he recovers from surgery that he is having today. Please keep him in your thoughts and let's show him the support he deserves at our show in Columbia, MD at One World Coffeehouse July 19th. This is also my Mom's birthday so there will be extra incentive as she will be making the trip from Pauley's Island, SC for the show with us. We love you and your support is everything to us and it's why we play live music. Cheers and see you soon, Christopher, Jake, and Paul The Weathered Road

Album Release

Folks, Your patience and support has made it happen for us. We will be releasing our new EP May 3rd and will be having several release parties at select venues around the Tri-State. There are a lot of exciting things happening and we will be sharing them with you as they continue to develop. We sincerely thank you for walking the weathered road with us. Much love, Christopher, Jacob, and Paul TWR

Great things on the horizon

We have been writing new tunes and are getting ready to get into the studio this saturday to record two more tracks for the EP. We are happy with the turnout and energy that this has brought us and its all thanks to out FANS! We are very blessed with the support and love that just makes our very souls glow with happiness. TWR works for you guys & girls! More shows are being posted every week and things are just falling in place right now.


I honestly listen to our new tracks,(which will be posted in the next few days) and can hardly believe that what i am listening to is The Weathered Road. Our sound has just evolved and we have grown so much as people it is coming through in the music and in our lives. Each song is so different and unique to the next so their is a potential to reach out to so many styles and musical genres. Something for everyone. Cheers!

Ohio Valley Tonight

TWR is the guest on Ohio Valley tonight with host Nathan Marshall this evening. We hope all of our friends,family,and friends will tune in to WTRF 7 on Thursday to watch the program. We will also have it posted on youtube after it aires. We just are overwhelmed by our blessings and love. Thank you.


It seems like such a short time ago when things were so in limbo and uncertain. Now, a year later, things have never been better and seem cemented. The music, this band, is just who we are, not what we do. It is engrained in or skin, deep within. I am so excited for this year. Reaching out to new fans, making new friends. Their is no ceiling for us. Just our doubt.