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Probyn Gregory from Brian Wilsons bands loves my new album....yay

Thank you for your support Probyn Gregory and soo many others for exposing my album FAIRYTAILMUZIK. Its a loveletter to God and All of the musicians and professionals for their love and support of my classic Pop Fantasy....fh

Love one another

We all need to Jam on Love and love one another and Love Jah!!!

To all of the Children of the musical apocalypse....Rock On!!!!

I know that people are hungry for the next great album. I have created that album and its called Fairytailmuzik-an accidental Overture(a pop rock fantasy) And We have created the piece de resistance that I sought to create and I have a few folks to thank. First Chris Leggerie and John Otto sr. who let me demo endlessly in his studio in his basement as well as my darling fiance Anne Francis McDonough(Nancy Eck-soon to be Nancy Herrmann) Also the people around the world responding to my new album due to samples and links I have sent out as tasters of my new creation. I am a million miles from being a religious man yet my album Fairytailmusic is all about God as I understand him. It's the most beautiful album I have ever written and created and I know its my masterpiece for those who like my folk-powerpop-experimental ways. Each song was written somewhere(on a beach,on a mountain,) with just me and my acoustic guitar so it was very Folk organically as the genisis of this album occured. I know its my best and I hope you feel God as you understand him in its beautiful tracks...love you....fh

Finished Artwork....cool as hell

I am so pleased with the artist who did my artwork for my new album Fairytailmuzik...wow...a fairy sitting on a piano....I truly love it and even though it is an experimental folk album....I did it all for you...see profile pic to see album art...FH

The Truth is simply this friends....

I am what I am...nothing more and nothing less whatsoever....I am a little sad today but I hope that will pass...fh

Wow People are really loving the new album!!!

I am blown away by the love and joy people are recieving from FAIRYTAILMUZIK-AN ACCIDENTAL OVERTURE!!!!!...fh I will be selling Downloads and cd's very soon. Just getting all things set up for Marketing/promotional aspects....please post comments on my site......fh 2/2/12

Number #40 on the Philadelphia folk charts!!!

Just a note of thanks to all who are helping me climb the Folk charts. The song "Reach" (love makes love) is a song that comforts the hurting soul that may be lonely(been there) or may have lost a close friend(been there) and offers hope in the heart for someone going thru that. I have never been the chart following type yet if definately warms the heart to see people responding to this little folksy lullabye of comfort and hope. I am so sick and tired of the crap they call music that fills the airwaves and every other media format known to man. I had a blast making Fairtailmuzik-an accidental overture...and though the album definately stretches the folk boundary, each song can be performed with just my voice and an acoustic guitar because that was where this record came from..just an artist with his guitar under the shadows of the world, trying to make sense of it all and continue spreading peace and love forever no matter what happens.....fh 2/1/12


I am excited to have all of my tracks streaming for my new album. Experimental folk rock with hormones and a heavy serving of various retro roots but really I have acheived everything I dreamnt of with my collaborator and producer Chris Leggerie(see bio) and I have made a strange spiritual gem of a cd(album I call them)And I am brand new to RV and fairly cyber illiterate. I suggest listening to the whole cd and it is high concentrate so a tune at a time. Each song is a spiritual key. I finnally made a record I adore and without some buttwipe producer but a collaborator. (more blog later)